Personalized Online Home Tuition for Class 10 Students

Class 10 is a very crucial year for every student as it is the threshold year of board exams. In this class, students learn a huge variety of complex theories and concepts and the application of all the basic knowledge acquired in the previous classes. CBSE online Class 10 tuition is therefore becoming highly popular among the student masses.  

Class 10 Board exam is the first milestone in the life of every student. Taking online tuition for Class 10 contours the future of the students for the coming years. Class 10th online classes are assisting lots of students in their quest for excellence. 

BYJU’S is an online learning forum that offers online classes for important subjects in different cities across India. We also conduct mock online test for Class 10 students to make them aware of the type of questions that are prevalent in the Board exams. This helps the students in scoring well in their final exams.

We have a vast network of experienced and trained online home teachers for Class 10 students from different education modules like ICSE, CBSE or State Boards.  Our home teachers are well aware of how to augment the learning experience of Class 10 students, along with a tailored approach suited to the specific needs of the students. 

Class 10 acts as a key indicator of a student’s academic performance. Hence, it is imperative for students to study with full concentration and dedication to score good marks in the Board exams. For this reason, parents choose to enrol their children on coaching classes or home tuition for Class 10 to beat the ever-growing academic competition. Online tuition for Class 10 helps students to cope well with the concepts taught in school. They believe that taking home tuition can help their kids to score higher grades in major subjects like Maths and Science and excel in their exams.

Subject-wise Class 10 Online Classes

10th Class online classes have paved a way for learning difficult concepts easily. At BYJU’S, we offer our Class 10 students the best and most effective online tuition classes subject-wise.

We have CBSE online Class 10 Science, CBSE online Class 10 Maths, CBSE online Class 10 English, Online Class 10 Physics home tuition and Online Class 10 Chemistry home tuition for our learners. They also get access to Class 10 Maths online test, online MCQ test for Class 10 Maths, online test for Class 10 English, Science, etc. Meanwhile, students can also try to attempt some practice online exams for Class 10 and even excel in different subjects by taking up an online test for Class 10 Social Science, an online test for Class 10 English, an online MCQ test for Class 10 Maths or any other subject all by themselves so that they are well-prepared to ace the Board exams with flying colours.

Why should you choose BYJU’S  Online Home Tuition for Class 10 and let your kid learn online Class 10?

Given below are the top five reasons why BYJU’S is the topmost choice for online classes for Class 10 students and parents alike:

  1. Our online teachers adopt a customized approach suited to the best interests of the respective student.
  2. Through our online classes for Class 10, the student has one-to-one interaction with the teacher making it easy for him/her to clarify all doubts and scepticism regarding any topic of a particular subject.
  3. We have competitive pricing of 10th Class online classes, which ensures that our students have cost-effective access to quality education.
  4. Regular assessments are conducted by our teachers on the completion of important chapters so that students can prepare for the exams accordingly.
  5. BYJU’S teachers teach students in a simple manner maintaining more clarity and privacy, which makes it easier for learners to grasp knowledge and thrive academically.
  6. We provide our students with meticulously designed CBSE online sample paper Class 10 to help them attain the highest scores through the sample papers and mock tests.

Online study 10th Class has filled students with more zeal and confidence as they can now learn the most dreaded concepts and subjects in a simpler way from the comfort of their homes! 

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City-wise online Home Tuition

Given below are some of the cities from where students can access online classes from the convenience of their homes:

Chennai Bangalore
Patna Jaipur
Mumbai Pune
Chandigarh Lucknow
Noida Delhi


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