Online Home Tuition For Class 10 Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties and how and why the combination of different substances interact with energy and create chemical reactions. A stronghold in the subject is imperative for a Class 10 student to score well in the Board exams.

Primarily, online home tuition for Class 10 Chemistry at BYJU’S will prepare students to have an in-depth understanding of the chemical substances and their uses. Furthermore, it also helps learners to face the challenges of exams with full confidence.

When students opt to take online home tuition for Class 10, they feel emotionally charged up and perform well academically. Our online tutors ensure a holistic and all-round academic development of the respective students and encourage them to enjoy their learning process. This, in turn, translates to better performance and helps the learners to score higher grades in the exams.

The Class 10 Chemistry syllabus is pretty diverse. It includes critical topics like properties of metals and non-metals, basic metallurgical processes, Reactivity series, Analytical Chemistry, Electrolysis, etc.

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The BYJU’S Advantage

At BYJU’S, we provide personalized online home tuition for Class 10 Chemistry through instructor-led live online sessions. These online tuitions are easily accessible to the Class 10 students, right from the comfort of their respective homes. Our online home tuitions are designed to cater to the needs of students from different education modules such as ICSE, CBSE or State Boards.

We enable students to maintain their own pace while studying Chemistry through online tuitions. We totally understand that every individual has his/her learning capacity and every session of ours caters towards the needs of the learner, in a personalized manner. Besides, our tutors are trained professionals who give individual attention to each student and encourage him/her to clarify their doubts without any hesitation.

Are you looking out for online home tuition for Class 10 Chemistry for your child? You’ve landed at the right spot! At BYJU’S, we focus on imparting quality education to students through face-to-face sessions, which are hosted in an interactive live-online digital platform. Meanwhile, you can also download BYJU’S: The Learning App to check interactive video tutorials and guide your child towards the pathway of academic excellence.


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