IBPS Equipercentile Method

Many candidates appear for the IBPS Exam for different posts every year. After the exam, a candidate’s first thought is how much he/she scored overall in the exam. But not many of them know how the score in IBPS exam is calculated. For calculating the percentile of a candidate equipercentile method is used in IBPS. The equipercentile method in IBPS is described below.

Equating the score

Everyone knows that IBPS Exam is held at multiple venues, dates, and shifts. Therefore each venue and shift has a different question paper. So candidates attempt different questions at a different time but the syllabus and the question pattern is same for all.

As according to the shifts question paper varies, it is impossible to maintain the same difficulty level for every shift. And because of this, some candidates get easier question set and some get difficult. Therefore candidates with the easier set have a higher average score than the candidates with a difficult set.

Due to this variation of questions IBPS equate the score on the basis of the difficulty level of the question set so that candidates attempting the difficult questions do not have any disadvantage. The process of this equating the score of the candidates is called Normalization.

Equipercentile Method Illustrated

Let us assume there are 20 candidates appearing in the exam in the first shift which has an easier question set. In this easier set suppose the top scorer is Shatakshi with 49 out of 50 and a percentile of 100%.

Percentile Rank can be calculated by: Candidates Percentile Rank = [{(Total number of students) – (Candidates Rank)} / (Total number of students – 1)] * 100

Now let us say that the second shift has 24 students which have a difficult question set.

Let us say that the highest marks scored in this shift are by Kriti with 25 out of 50.

Now for both the difficult and easier shifts percentile rank is generated. Now according to the Percentile Rank of the candidates in both the shifts candidates are selected. An overall rank sheet is made and candidates can see their overall rank. So if a candidate gets a difficult paper it doesn’t matter because scores get normalized to adjust the difficulty level and then ranked according to the percentile of the candidate.

So candidates should answer each question according to their own ability. They should not bother weather they get a difficult or easy question and concentrate on their exam. Candidates should not think they are in an advantage if they get an easier question set and similarly, they should not be at a disadvantage if they get a difficult set of question. They should also not get distracted if they get an earlier shift or a late shift and concentrate only on the exam.

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