Bank Exam Preparation

How do I prepare for bank exam is one such question which arises in our mind as many of the youths are looking forward to joining public sector banks. As the candidate fix his/her mind to appear for bank exam there are certain things one needs to keep in mind as the preparation begins.

Tips for preparation:

  • Early planning for common written examination- Determination is the key. CWE consists of prelims and mains so there remains ample of time to prepare for the written exam if you plan early.
  • Personal efforts- Depending on coaching only will not be enough unless the candidate takes effort in the self-study for the banking preparation.
  • Practice leads to perfection- only when the candidate practice more, the more perfect will be the time management and accuracy during exams.
  • Interviews- After clearing the written test, the interview preparation needs to be focussed on where most of the questions will be about latest events.

Certain strategy, skills and execution are all a candidate needs to prepare for bank exam.


  • The candidate needs to understand the exam pattern and syllabus before starting the preparation.
  • Making proper division of the candidate‚Äôs daily preparation time is required. The schedule for daily hour timing needs to get done first.
  • There are certain books like R.S Agarwal in quantitative or modern approach to verbal and nonverbal in reasoning which will be beneficial for the preparation.
  • Online websites also help the candidate in his/her final preparation.
  • To master the tricks and methods for certain papers which help in time management.

The calculation speed is one of an essential aspects for a candidate appearing for bank exams. thus this speed can be increased in many ways:

  • The basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should be very clear.
  • The multiplication tables should be by heart.
  • Mental maths should be well-practiced so that the small tricks and methods do not jumble up in minds during an exam.
  • Techniques should be proper which only comes once the candidate has practiced enough of it.

In Byjus we provide the full program course for banking where we abide by all the strategies and ensure that the candidate’s preparation is done in the best way.

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