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Owing to the increased competition, aspirants of RBI Assistant Exam are required to prepare smartly. RBI Assistant Online test series is one of the most useful ways of preparing for the RBI Assistant 2023. The free RBI Assistant Mock tests provided by BYJU’S is for extensive preparation of the exam.

Start taking the free RBI Assistant Online Mock Test to be thoroughly prepared for the final exam.

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Every year qualified candidates are invited to join the most coveted Government organisation i.e. The Reserve Bank of India through RBI Assistant Exam.

The RBI Assistant online test series consists of free RBI Assistant Mock Tests that are aligned with the RBI Assistant previous year paper.

Each online mock tests of RBI Assistant exam comprises an inclusive set of 25 questions that are aligned to RBI Assistant previous year question paper.

Along with the RBI Assistant Mock Tests, focus on practising more questions from the various sections included in the bank exam syllabus. 

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To ace the RBI Assistant exam it is important for the candidates to upkeep with the latest exam pattern, scope and difficulty level of the paper and most importantly the RBI Assistant syllabus. Hence, candidates must take RBI Assistant Free Mock Tests on a daily basis.

Candidates can check the detailed RBI Assistant Syllabus in the article linked here.

Not just that, the RBI Assistant free online mock test provides a detailed solution along with the answer key in RBI Assistant free mock test PDFs.

The RBI Assistant online mock test will prepare you for the final face-off as it has RBI Assistant model questions curated from the three main sections of the RBI Assistant question papers.

Taking RBI Assistant mock tests is a smart move as the online mock tests of RBI Assistant exams has made it easy for candidates to revise the whole syllabus and analyze the level of preparation.

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RBI Assistant Exam Date

The Reserve Bank of India has released the official notification for the recruitment of RBI Assistant. Aspirants willing to join the central bank of the country must start the preparation immediately.

The number of applicants for the RBI exams are very high and candidates need to indulge in exhaustive preparation in order to qualify the exam. Solving the RBI Assistant free mock tests will, therefore, be very helpful for the candidates.

Candidates can get the detailed section-wise bank exam syllabus for different bank exams at the linked article.

RBI Assistant Free Mock Tests

The free online RBI Assistant mock tests will prepare the candidates for the final face-off by giving RBI Assistant model questions from the three main sections of RBI Assistant paper. Candidates must also solve the all-inclusive RBI Assistant previous year paper to strengthen their command over the different subjects of the exam syllabus.

Not only this, but RBI Assistant online test series will also provide a detailed solution along with the answer key in RBI Assistant free mock test PDFs.

Candidates must take RBI Assistant Free Online Mock Tests because there are other advantages too. Check out advantages below:

Importance of RBI Assistant Online Mock Tests

  1. Candidates ascertain the difficulty level of the actual exam by taking RBI Assistant Free Mock Tests.
  2. The revision and practice of the whole syllabus are made easy with section-wise RBI Assistant online mock tests, as they are in line with the latest RBI Assistant Syllabus.
  3. By regularly solving RBI Assistant sample papers candidates gain clarity of RBI Assistant exam pattern and scope of questions.
  4. Candidates by taking the free online mock test for RBI Assistant identify the particular topics they are weak at and need improvement.
  5. Identifying the gaps in test-taking strategies like time management, speed, question selection, and accuracy becomes possible with regular practising of RBI Assistant Prelims mock tests and RBI Assistant Mains mock tests.
  6. To best analyse the preparation level, free RBI Assistant online mock tests by BYJU’s give individual scores that provides an idea as to how much more effort a candidate needs to put in to get a good rank in the final exam.
  7. RBI Assistant Practice papers help developing strategies to take the exam with maximum accuracy and minimum negative attempts.
  8. Aspirants can check the RBI Assistant Exam Pattern given below for reference.

Practising RBI Assistant previous year question paper and taking online quizzes is important for the holistic preparation of the RBI Assistant exam.

Online Quiz 2023

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern

To be a part of the final selection of RBI Assistant Exam candidates have to pass two stages of the exam: Prelims and Mains.

The RBI Assistant Exam Pattern is discussed in detail below:

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern – Prelims
Subjects Marks Questions Time
Reasoning Ability 35 35 60 minutes
English Language 30 30
Numerical Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

For more information about RBI Exams visit the linked article

RBI Assistant Mains Exam Pattern is as mentioned below:

RBI Assistant Exam Pattern – Mains
Subjects Marks Questions Time (in minutes)
Reasoning Ability 40 40 30
English Language 40 40 30
Quantitative Aptitude 40 40 30
General Awareness 40 40 25
Computer Knowledge 40 40 20
Total 200 200 135

Keeping up to date with the RBI Assistant syllabus and exam pattern and taking RBI Assistant free mock tests regularly is crucial if a candidate has to outperform in the final exams.

RBI Assistant online mock test helps to revise, practice, analyse and make improvements in performance so that a candidate can gain an edge over its competitors in RBI Assistant Exam.

Given below are links to the subject-wise syllabus for Assistant exam. Candidates can learn more about the various concepts from the syllabus by visiting these links:

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning
Daily Current Affairs Verbal Ability
Computer Knowledge Banking Awareness

Also, for the preparation of general awareness section candidates can check the Static GK page.

Candidates can get more details related to RBI exams in the linked article.

The pattern of RBI Assistant test series includes Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability. Candidates can refer to the RBI Assistant sample paper given below.

RBI Assistant Mock Test 1

Direction for questions 1-2: In each of the following questions, a Capitalised pair of words is followed by four alternatives. Select the alternative that best expresses a relationship similar to the capitalised pair.



  1. Covert : Stealthy
  2. Overt : Furtive
  3. Open : Closed
  4. News : Rumour

Answer 1



  1. Hint : Allocative
  2. Question : Interrogate
  3. Revolt : Repudiate
  4. Collapse : Rise

Answer 2

Direction for question 3-4 : In each of the following questions, a capitalized pair of words is followed by four alternatives. Select the alternative that best expresses a relationship least similar to the capitalized pair.



  1. Feline : Cat
  2. Vulpine : Fox
  3. Serpentine : Cobra
  4. Aquiline : Parrot

Answer 4



  1. Annular : Ring
  2. Terrestrial : Earth
  3. Connubial : Youth
  4. Lunar : Moon

Answer 3

Directions 5-6 Each statement given below is followed by questions based on the statements. Read the statements and select the best alternative as the answer.


But because the idea of private property has been permitted to override with its selfishness, the common good of humanity it does not follow that there are not limits within which that idea can function for the general convenience and advantage.

Which of the following is most likely to weaken the argument?

  1. All the people of the society should progress at an equitable rate and there should be no disparities and private property does bring about a tremendous disparity.
  2. One should learn from the experiences of former communist nations and should not repeat his mistakes at all.
  3. One should not strive for the common good of humanity at all, instead one should be concerned with maximising one’s own wealth.
  4. Even prosperous capitalist countries like the USA have their share of social problems.

Answer 1


I have been studying it, consciously and subconsciously, for 40 years and I still find men unaccountable; people I know intimately can surprise me by some action of theirs which I never thought them capable of or by the discovery of some trait which exhibit a side of themselves that I never even suspected.

The idea in this sentence can be best summarised as

  1. men are inconsistent and therefore one should not be confident even about one’s closest friends.
  2. no matter how closely you know somebody there still exists an unknown facet of his personality.
  3. men are unpredictable, one can never tell what they will do next; hence, one should be very careful in one’s dealings.
  4. None of these

Answer 2

Direction for Question 7-8 Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Mark the set in which the statements are logically related.


  1. All witches are nasty
  2. Some devils are nasty
  3. All witches are devils
  4. All devils are nasty
  5. Some nasty are devils
  6. No witch is nasty
  1. 234
  2. 453
  3. 341
  4. 653

Answer 3


  1. All Toms are bright
  2. No bright Toms are Dicks
  3. Some Toms are Dicks
  4. Some Dicks are bright
  5. No Tom is a Dick
  6. No Dick is a Tom
  1. 123
  2. 256
  3. 341
  4. 126

Answer 4


The value of [553 + 453] / 552 – 55 x 45 + 452 = ?

  1. 75
  2. 100
  3. 105
  4. 125

Answer 2

Solution 9 :

[55 + 45] {552 + 452 – (55 x 45)} / 552 – 55 x 45 + 452

Solving this we get 100.

Q.10. Which one of the following cannot be the ratio of angles in a right-angled triangle?

  1. 1 : 3 : 6
  2. 1 : 1 : 2
  3. 1 : 2 : 3
  4. None of these

Answer 1

Solution 10. Sum of all angles of a ∆ = 180⁰

In a right angle ∆, one ∠ = 90⁰

Let the angles be x.

1x + 3x +6x =180⁰

10x = 180⁰

X = 18

Thus angles are 18⁰, 54⁰, 108⁰

Hence, 1 : 3 : 6 cannot be the ratio of right angled triangle.

Q.11. The remainder obtained when a prime number greater than 6 is divided by 6 is

  1. 1 or 3
  2. 3 or 5
  3. 1 or 5
  4. 4 or 5

Answer 3

Solution 11. Prime numbers greater than 6 = 7, 11, 13,17..

On dividing 7 by 6 the remainder is 1

On dividing 11 by 6 the remainder is 5

Therefore further divisions of prime numbers by 6 will give 1 or 5 as remainder.

Q.12. Three consecutive positive even numbers are such that thrice the first number exceeds double the third by 2. Find the third number?

  1. 16
  2. 14
  3. 12
  4. 10

Answer 2

Solution 12. Let the 1st numbers be x

Then, 2nd number = x + 2 and 3rd number = x +4

Now, as per the question

3x – 2(x +4) = 2

x – 8 = 2

X = 3rd number = 10 + 4 = 14

Q. 13. How many pieces of 85cm length can be cut from a rod 42.5 metres long?

  1. 60
  2. 50
  3. 40
  4. 30

Answer 2

Solution 13.

Number of pieces = (42.5 x 100) / 85

That gives = 4250/85 = 50

Q.14. Sachin earns twice as much in the month of March as in each of the other months of the year. What part of his entire annual earnings was earned in march?

  1. 1/7
  2. 2/11
  3. 2/13

Answer 4

Solution 14: let Sachin’s earning in each month of the year be x

His earning in march = 2x

His annual earning = (11x + 2x) = 13x

Therefore, the required fraction = 2x/13x

X = 2/13

Q.15. If one-third of a tank holds 80 litres of water. Then the quantity of water that half of the tank holds will be?

  1. 240 litres
  2. 120 litres
  3. 100 litres
  4. 80/3 litres

Answer 2

Solution 15. Let the capacity of the tank be x litres

then , 1/3x = 80 i.e. x = 240 and 1/2x = 120 litres

Q.16. What part of an hour elapses from 4.56 pm to 5.32 pm. ?

  1. 1/4
  2. 3/4
  3. 1/2
  4. 3/5

Answer 4

Solution 16. Duration from 4.56 pm to 5.32 pm = 36 mins

36/60 hours = 3/5 hours

Q.17. If the arithmetic mean of seventy five numbers is 35 and each number is increased by 5. Then what is the average of the new set of numbers?

  1. 20
  2. 30
  3. 40
  4. 60

Answer 3

Solution 17: Arithmetic Mean of 75 numbers = 35

Sum of 75 numbers = (75 x 35) = 2625

Total increase = (75 x 5) = 375

Increased sum = 2625 + 375 = 3000

Therefore, the increased average = 3000/75 = 40

Q.18. In the word PROLIFERATION how many pairs of letters are there such that they have an equal number of alphabets between them as in the English Alphabet series.

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. More than 4

Answer 4

Solution 18.



Some ants are parrots.

All parrots are green


  1. All the green are parrots
  2. Some ants are green
  1. Only I follows
  2. Only II follows
  3. Both I and II follows
  4. Neither I or II follows

Answer 2

Solution 19.



All mars are stars

All Stars are moons


  1. Some mars are not stars
  2. Some moons are not stars
  3. Some mars are moons
  4. Some stars are not moons
  5. All mars are moons
  1. Only I and II follows
  2. Only II and IV follows
  3. Only II and V follows
  4. None follows

Answer 3

Solution 20.

Directions 21-24 Read the information and answer the following questions

In a showroom seven cars of different companies – Ambassador, Fiat, Cadillac, Mercedes, Maruti, Fargo, and Bedford are standing facing to east in the following order. Maruti car is between Ambassador and Bedford. Cadillac is next to right of Fargo. Fiat which is third to the left of Ambassador, is at one end. Fargo is fourth to the right of Fiat.

Q.21. Which of the following statements is correct ?

  1. Fiat is next second to the right of Maruti.
  2. Bedford is next left of Fiat.
  3. Maruti is next left of Ambassador.
  4. Bedford is at one end.

Answer 3

Q.22. Which of the following groups of cars is to the right of Ambassador ?

  1. Bedford, Cadillac and Fargo
  2. Cadillac, Fargo and Maruti
  3. Maruti, Bedford and Fiat
  4. Mercedes, Cadillac and Fargo

Answer 4

Q.23. What is the correct position of Mercedes ?

  1. Between Bedford and Fargo
  2. Next to the left of Cadillac
  3. Fourth to the right of Maruti.
  4. Next to the left of Bedford

Answer 3

Q.24. Which of the cars are on both sides of the Cadillac car ?

  1. Ambassador and Fargo
  2. Ambassador and Maruti
  3. Maruti and Fiat
  4. Fargo and Mercedes

Answer 4

Solution 21-24

Q.25. In a certain code, TRIPPLE is written as SQHOOKD. How is CARAMEL written in that code?


Answer 3

Solution 25.



-1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1

Hence the answer is BZQZLDK.

Keep checking the page for new RBI Assistant Mock tests.

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Frequently Asked Question – RBI Assistant Free Online Mock Tests


Q.1. Does BYJU’S provide solutions to RBI Assistant Free Mock Tests?

Ans. Yes, each online mock test of RBI Assistant gives the answer and detailed solutions to the questions.

Q.2. What are the topics covered in RBI Assistant Syllabus?

Ans. The RBI Assistant is a two-phase exam. RBI Assistant Prelims comprises questions from Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English, while the Mains exam covers General Awareness and Computer Knowledge as well. Check the detailed RBI Assistant syllabus in detail.

Q.3. Can I attempt the RBI Assistant Online Test series offline also?

Ans. Yes, You can download the RBI Assistant Mock Tests PDF and can attempt it offline as many times as you want.

Q.4. Can I retake the RBI Assistant practice papers to improve my score?

Ans. As the Free RBI Assistant online mock tests are available in PDF format, candidates can download the pdf and solve the RBI Assistant sample papers offline to practice and improve.

Q.5. Why should I choose BYJU’S RBI Assistant online test series?

Ans. BYJU’S RBI Assistant Mock Tests are designed by the experts with an aim to provide the best preparation for the RBI Assistant examination. The full length and section-wise RBI Assistant online mock tests simulate the real exam scenario. The detailed solution and answers after each practice paper give performance reports. Candidates get to know their weak sections so that they can focus more and score better marks in the final exams.

Q 6. How can I choose the right RBI Assistant Sample Papers for exam preparation?

Ans. The digital resource can help you the best to find out various RBI Assistant free online mock tests or sample papers, but you must ensure that the one you chose is good enough to help improve your quality of performance in the RBI Assistant exams. Here are the parameters to choose right RBI Assistant exam sample papers or online test series:

  • Firstly, ensure the RBI Assistant exam mock tests are aligned with the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • The level of questions included in practice papers of the RBI Assistant exam must be moderate.
  • The free mock tests for RBI Assistant must have standardised unique questions.
  • The RBI Assistant practice papers must be easy to access without any technical issues.
  • The analysis report of RBI Assistant Online Test Series must give clarity on weaknesses and strengths with regards to the RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus. 

Q7. How can a candidate apply for RBI Assistant exams in the year 2023?

Ans. Aspirants have to follow the steps given below to apply for RBI Assistant exams in 2023:

  • Go to the official website of the RBI Assistant and Click on the “apply now” option.
  • Fill in the necessary details, verify the one-time password sent on your registered mobile number and submit for registration.
  • Provide the details related to education, gender, category, etc and click on the submit button.
  • Upload scanned photo and signature of the mentioned dimension.
  • Complete the payment process. Save and download the RBI Assistant Online Application Form.