How To Prepare For IBPS PO Exam?

In this article, we shall provide a few effective tips and tricks for section-wise IBPS PO preparation.

Aspirants appearing for IBPS PO exam should concentrate on the IBPS syllabus, topics, IBPS PO exam pattern and the subjects which are included in it.

Here we shall discuss the major IBPS PO exam sections of Prelims and Mains which all have measured up to significance in the exam.

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IBPS PO Preparation Strategies

In this article, we shall look into some of the best tips and tricks for the section-wise IBPS PO exam preparation:

1. How to prepare for Reasoning Ability section of IBPS PO Exam?

Reasoning Ability is an important subject for IBPS PO Exam. It plays a significant role in all the online bank exams. This section is a scoring section which can make your overall score very high because one can easily score in this section.

Reasoning questions also take less time if you read the question and solve it with full concentration. In this section, mostly one Para question consists of 5 sub-questions which are related to the main question, so if you solve the main question, the related sub-questions will be done in no time.

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2. How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude section of IBPS PO Exam?

Questions on Quantitative Aptitude take a lot of time to solve. One of the most important parts in Quantitative Aptitude is Data Interpretation- it contains almost 15 questions.

As a result, one should have good knowledge about Pie Chart, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Tabulation etc. One should have practised well during bank exam preparation because most of the time is consumed in the calculation.

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3. How to prepare for the English Language section of IBPS PO Exam?

The English Language is a very scoring subject in IBPS PO Exam. The examiner mainly wants to test the applicant’s English knowledge and how he performs in the English Language section. This section tests your vocabulary skills, communication and spoken English skills. All must be perfect in the basic knowledge of English.

Those aspirants with good skills in the English Language will score better than the other because this section is an important part of all types of competitive exams like Goct exams, Bank exams, etc.

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Candidates manage to make the maximum mistakes in the English Language section. Thus, to score more candidates can go through the topic, which is a part of the Verbal Ability section at the linked article.

4. How to prepare for General Awareness section of IBPS PO Exam?

General Awareness is a common and fundamental part of every bank exam. One should be aware of the current activities and daily events in India and globally, which one can improve by developing the habit of reading the newspaper daily. The habit of reading English newspapers, journals, and magazines regularly not only aid in improving the vocabulary skills of a candidate but cover various parts of the General Awareness section too.

In General Awareness Paper, most of the questions are asked from Current Affairs, so one should focus on this part.

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Candidates must know that Static GK plays an important part in the General Awareness section. Thus the IBPS PO Preparation shall remain incomplete without preparing for the Static GK. Candidates can know more about the Static GK part at the linked article.

5. How to prepare for Computer Knowledge section of IBPS PO Exam?

Computer Knowledge is a scoring section in Bank Exams. It contains the same marks as the other subjects. Here the examiner tests your Computer skills and basic knowledge about computers. One should have all the basic knowledge possible about computers. The computer syllabus is not so vast and complicated; hence answering this section does not take much time during the IBPS exam.

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Magical Tips for IBPS PO Preparation

The following preparation tips for IBPS PO will help you quickly prepare for the IBPS PO Exam:

(1) Proper Planning

Planning your studies is one of the most important parts of your bank exam preparation. First, you should know and understand all about the bank exam syllabus, topics, and subtopics about IBPS PO; then you should find out the sections and subjects in which you are weak. You should pay more attention to those weak sections and then prepare a study schedule accordingly.

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(2) Update Yourself

Reading the newspaper and magazines daily and updating yourself about the Current Affairs will help you a lot in the General Awareness and English Language section. Reading about the banking and finance industry will improve your knowledge about questions related to the banking industry.

(3) Topic-wise studying

You should concentrate topic-wise, a single topic at a time and not just try to finish everything. You should practice more problems on the various topics after completing each of them.

To learn more about IBPS PO Syllabus, check at the linked article.

(4) Practice GK

General Awareness is the most scoring in all types of bank exams. Reading newspaper, magazines and GK books can clear your doubts and make it easier for you to crack the General Awareness section.

(5) Revision

Revision is the key as it allows you to keep coming back to the topics you have learned and plug any gaps in the learning process. There are several ways one can revise for the exam. It will include solvin IBPS PO mock tests and IBPS PO previous year question papers regularly to know the type of questions asked and also to know the level of exam.

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(6)Time Management Tips

Here are some tips that you should follow while prepping up for the IBPS PO exam and maintain a time tracker during your bank exam preparation:

  • You must prepare yourself for the exam for the section which you want to attempt first.
  • It would help if you did not spend too much time on a question which you either don’t know or unsure of.
  • General Awareness, Computer and English papers should be attempted first because these papers take less time.
  • For each question on an average 1 minute should be utilised.
  • You should frequently practice test series and mock papers so that you can check how much time you need to finish the bank exam paper.
  • Attempt the questions in which you are strong and require less time to solve.
  • Keep more time for Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude because these papers take more time than the other papers.

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With the help of these preparation tips and a clear understanding of the IBPS PO syllabus content, the aspirants will be able to stay focused, which will help them prepare well for the IBPS PO exam.

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