Prepare Data Interpretation For Bank Exams

Data interpretation questions have more weightage and you can see this type of questions in almost every competitive question paper. This topic is one of the most important topics in the quantitative aptitude part. Candidates take more time to solve this type of questions.

This topic generally consists of the questions related to the graph, charts and the tables and some times in the form of statements also. The questions which are in the form of statements you have to give meaningful conclusions and this type of questions can be from any topic such as time and distance, average, simple interest and compound interest e.t.c in the quantitative aptitude section.

The data interpretation questions consist of more information part and the only key to solve this type of questions is to pick up the key points on which you can work so that you can find the answers.

Here we give you the complete details and the important tips on how to prepare data interpretation and how to crack this type of questions easily:

  • Improve the calculations:
    As we know that the quantitative aptitude part consists of the mathematical calculation part and this involves the calculations in solving the questions. The data interpretation section is one of the topics which need both the speed and accuracy. With the regular practice and try to solve different model questions and this will help you in improving your calculations. Slowly and steadily you will find the improvement in the level of speed and the accuracy in solving the questions.
  • Analyze the question properly:
    The more data they provide in the question. The more chances are there in solving the question easily within less time. This is the reason why analyzing the question is more important. You should practice the level of difficulty of questions, this gives a clear view about the different questions and also how much time you are taking to solve the questions.
  • Speed and accuracy:
    For solving the data interpretation questions you should be more comfortable with the numbers, calculations, fractions and the percentages. This is more useful when you are solving the questions as it will take a lot of time in solving the questions. Try to develop the shortcut techniques and the different type of approaches in solving the questions. This is where your accuracy is improved.
  • Never use a calculator while practicing the questions:
    As we all know that calculators are not allowed in the bank examinations. So try to solve the questions without the calculators if you start practicing now then only you can solve the questions easily and accurately. This is to be practiced not only in the case of the bank examinations, candidates who are preparing for any competitive examinations or the entrance examinations should follow this rule.
  • Units:
    Candidates are successful in solving the data interpretation questions but they do not pay attention towards the units. This mistake we can see not only in the case of bank examinations but also in ever competitive examinations, so while practicing just don’t write an answer and leave it, you should also practice writing the units also then only you can remember it.
  • Practice, practice, and practice:
    The day to day preparation is more important and it is the only key to the success. As we know most of the data interpretation questions are bar graphs and the pie charts. My suggestion is read the newspapers and magazines regularly because in some cases the graphs and data related to the information given in the newspapers only.

These are some tips and the strategies on how you can prepare data interpretation for the bank examinations.

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