IBPS Rrb Bank Exam Preparation Tips

IBPS is the institute of the banking personnel selection RRB 2017. It is the autonomous and independent and recruits the candidates for the public sector banks. But most of the candidates are applying for the IBPS examination and the competition is more. This is the one of the reasons why the candidates cannot qualify in this examination quickly this information is given as per the survey and the number of applications.

There are different posts in IBPS they are generally IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk usually candidates find is more harder to crack the IBPS RRB examination and there are around three posts in the IBPS RRB they are IBPS officer scale-I, IBPS officer scale -II and IBPS officer scale-III and the last is the IBPS office assistant.

Here are preparation strategies for the IBPS RRB examination 2017 and tips to follow to crack the IBPS RRB examination:

The exam pattern for the IBPS Officer Scale and the IBPS office assistant has almost the same number of the questions given in the examination. The marks and the syllabus content is same for all the four examinations in the prelims.A

  • The syllabus content in the IBPS officer scale -I,II & III and the office assistant, is given below.
  • There are only two section in the IBPS RRB officer scale that is the reasoning part and the quantitative aptitude part and in the IBPS RRB office assistant there are two sections they are the reasoning part and the numerical ability part. The total number of questions in the both examinations is 80 and the time given to solve these questions is 45 minutes.
  • This information is more important for the candidates who are preparing for the examination because without knowing the information and the exam pattern you cannot prepare for the examination.
  • The syllabus generally consists of the inequalities, syllogism, coding and decoding, sitting arrangement and with the question paper pattern, we know that the time given to solve the questions are less.
  • With the syllabus, you came to know that the question will take a lot of time to solve the question paper. So here practicing the question paper is the most important and the only thing can do.
  • The mains examination consists of the reasoning part, quantitative aptitude part, general English, computer knowledge and the computer awareness section.
  • When you are sure that you are perfect in the concepts and the basics then attempt the previous year question papers and then you will know where you are lagging and where you have to work more. Where you are finding difficulty in solving the questions all these are to keep in mind and then analyze yourself.
  • In the quantitative part, the questions mostly asked from the simplification, approximation, number series and the quadratic equations.
  • This topics are to be attempted firstly and then solve the data interpretation question this is because you won’t take more time in solving these questions and in the case of the data interpretation and the arithmetic section they will take more time.

This is how you should prepare for the IBPS RRB bank examination. Follow these important points and then you can crack the IBPS RRB examination.

In addition to this strategies we are giving you the important and the easy tips to crack the IBPS RRB bank examination:

There are certain tips on how to clear the sections such as the reasoning part, quantitative aptitude part, general English and the computer awareness and the general awareness. In short, we are providing the important and the easy tips to crack the section and the IBPS bank examination easily.

  • The accuracy and the time management are the important things which are important to crack the IBPS RRB bank examination.
  • Because the examination consists of the syllabus which will take more time to solve the questions completely and another thing is the accuracy. So keep in mind the time management.
  • The accuracy plays the important and this can be obtained only by the practice so just practice more previous year question papers so that you will get a clear view about the examination and you can solve the questions more easily.
  • The common mistake candidates do is they waste too much time on a single question. In order to get the correct answer, they will spend more time on the same question. So keep in mind while taking the examination that the time limit is 45 minutes.
  • The reasoning part will take more time in solving the questions and the another important thing is the based on the reasoning part marks only the merit score is evaluated.
  • It is not possible for the candidates to completely solve the quantitative aptitude section, so better solve maximum of the question to attain the merit score and then start solving the other sections.
  • Current affairs and the computer knowledge questions doesn’t take that much time to answer, it completely depends on your knowledge. If you read  newspapers daily then you can answer current affairs related questions easily.

Finally, practice more and then you can crack the IBPS RRB examination, follow the above strategies properly you will get placed in the banking sector.

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