RBI Grade B Salary: RBI Grade B Officer Salary Slip, In-hand Salary

RBI Grade B Salary: RBI provides a fruitful salary package to its officeholders, hence most of the prospects desire to get employed in an RBI Grade B job and secure their future. According to the recent official notification, the gross RBI Grade B salary is raised to roughly Rs.1,08,404, inclusive of allowances, bonuses, and concessions. The basic RBI Grade B Officer Salary is increased to Rs.55,200 from Rs.35,150.

RBI Grade B is an Organizational Profile for Officials in General Grade B – DR, DEPR ( Department of Economic & Policy Research), and DSIM (Department of Statistics and Information Management) in the CSG that is accountable for the effortless operation of the partner RBI banks. The first increment in the RBI Grade B officer salary is done after the completion of 5 years of tenure. Read further to get familiarized with RBI Grade B Salary slip, job role, responsibilities, and promotional levels.

RBI Grade B Salary

The basic RBI Grade B Salary is Rs.55,200. This is the initial starting pay, and the salary of the officer keeps on increasing based on their experience and knowledge in the organization.

After getting appointed as an RBI Grade B officer, candidates must complete a probation period of 2 years and training of almost 15 weeks. The training session of RBI officers occurs in Reserve Bank Staff College. To enter into the Reserve Bank of India, aspirants must qualify for all three rounds: RBI Grade B phase I, phase II, and interview.

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Structure

Candidates who clear the RBI Grade B Exam should be aware of the complete RBI Grade B Salary Structure. RBI offers an individual a respectable designation and career security along with a decent RBI Grade B Salary. The pay scale is Rs. 55,200 – Rs.2850 (9) – Rs. 80850 – EB (Efficiency Bar) – Rs.2850 (2) – Rs.86550 – Rs.3300 (4) – Rs.99750 (16 years).

Structure of RBI Grade B Salary


Salary Amount

Basic Salary Pay


Dearness Allowances


Allowance for Meal


Allowance for Housing


Direct Recruit – Special Allowances


CVPS Incentives


Regional Compensatory Allowances


Allowances of Special Prerequisite


Grade Allowances


Total Gross Pay


RBI Grade B Salary After 7th Pay Commission

To motivate aspirants even more, here is a complete revised RBI Grade B Salary 2023 after the 7th commission. Previously, the Monthly Gross emoluments were INR 77, 208, which has been increased to INR 1,08,404 along with the modifications in basic salary pay and the overall pay scale.


RBI Grade B Salary (In INR) (Previous)

RBI Grade B Salary (In INR) (Revised)

Basic pay



Gross emoluments

77, 208


Pay Scale

35150-1750 (9)-50900-EB-1750 (2)-54400-2000 (4)-62400

55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850 (2) – 86550-3300(4)-99750 (16 years)

RBI Grade B Officer Salary 2023 – Latest Official Notification

As per the RBI Grade B official notification 2023, the below information can be useful for the candidates to know more details about latest RBI Grade B salary structure and gratuities.

Deductions in RBI Grade B Salary

The overall RBI Grade B Salary is Rs. 1,08,404/-, which is the Gross Emoluments per month. Apart from the total gross pay, there is a reduction of Rs. 26,436/- that majorly includes BF EE NPS Monthly Contri, EE NPS Contri Amount, Income Fax, and so on.

RBI Grade B Salary Deduction Element


BF EE NPS Monthly Contrib


EE NPS Contrib


Income Fax


Recovery of House Rent


Meal Coupon Deduction


MAF or Medical Assistance Fund


Prof Tax-split period


Alliance of RBI Officers


Membership of Sports Club


Total Deductions


RBI Grade B Salary Perks and Allowances

Besides the basic salary pay, Grade B officers receive extra allowances and perks. Some of the perks provided to the Grade B RBI officers include the furnishing of residence, loans and advances at concessional rates, reimbursement of expenses for maintenance of vehicles for official purposes, leave fare concession, fuel allowance, and bank accommodation. After getting selected, the candidates are offered the mentioned allowances.

Extra Allowances


Dearness Allowance (DA)

31% of the basic RBI Grade B Salary

HRA Allowance

RBI officers are provided 2BHK/3BHK flat; they can claim rent allowance of up to Rs.70,000 in case they are not given apartments

Grade Allowance (GA)

Offered Rs.6,800

Fuel Allowance

Provided 150 litres of fuel per month

Medical Allowance

Officers can claim up to Rs.4500 for them or for their dependents

Mobile Allowance

Employees can claim up to Rs.1500/-

Education Allowance

Officers can avail Rs.4000/ each month

Maid Allowance

Given allowance of Rs.3000/-

Briefcase allowance

Employees can avail of Rs.7000 (Repaid once every 3 years)

Leave Fare Concession Travel or LFC

Offered around Rs.100000 LFC (Utilized once in 2 years)

Sodexo Coupons

Provided with coupons worth Rs.2000/- useful for food and groceries

Spectacles allowances

Officers can avail Rs.7000/- for themselves or for their spouse

RBI Grade B Salary Slip

The table illustrates an approximate idea of RBI Grade B Salary Slip after estimating pay and allowances along with overall deductions. The recent salary slip is also attached to make you familiar with RBI Grade B salary before you fill out the application form.

RBI Grade B gross salary has been known to increase to INR 83,254 (approximately) after the 7th pay commission.

Pay and Allowances




Basic Pay


EE NPS Contrib Amount


Dearness Allow.


BF EE NPS Monthly Contrib


Grade Allowance


Prof Tax-split period


House Allowance


House Rent Recovery


Local Compensatory Allows


Sports Club Membership


COPS Incentive


Meal Coupon Deduction


Spl Allow-Direct Recruit


RBI Officers Association


Spl Perquisite Allowance




Meal allowance


Income Fax


Gross Pay


Total Deductions


RBI Grade B Job Profile and Career

The career and job profile of RBI Grade B officers is impressive for those who wish to work in the banking sector. The RBI officers can be posted in any of the below divisions across the whole country.

The RBI Grade B job profile of an officer differs according to the location of their job posting. Several departments wherein Grade B officers are posted are as follows:

  • Banking Regulation
  • Public Debt Office
  • Financial Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • HRD
  • Banking Supervision
  • Currency Issuing

The job profile of a Grade B Officer constitutes the proper circulation of banknotes, control of the supply of liquidity in the market and handling government and central bank accounts. RBI Grade B officer can reach up to the post of deputy governor which is the second-highest position in the administrative hierarchy. The deputy governor reports straight to the governor who is directly designated by the government.

RBI Grade B Promotion

Aspirants must appear for the RBI Grade B Exam and clear the examination to get recruitment for the Assistant post in RBI. Grade B officers of RBI receive promotions starting from Assistant Manager to the highest post which is of Deputy Governor or Governor.

Initially, an RBI Grade B Officer is selected on probation of two years which may be stretched for up to 4 years. Once, you complete the probation period; you become eligible to get promoted to bigger positions. The officers achieve the following RBI Grade B Promotions throughout their profession in the central bank of India:

Assistant Manager –> Manager –> Assistant General Manager –> Deputy General Manager –> General Manager –> Chief General Manager –> Executive Director –> Deputy Governor –> Governor

RBI Grade B Salary After 5 Years

RBI Grade B officers receive the first increment after 5 years of their service. Following are the RBI Grade B Salary increment an officer receives after working for a definite number of years.

  • After serving for up to 9 years, officers receive Rs.1750 as an increment.
  • Post 9 years, the basic pay is: Obtain an increment of – Rs.50,900: Rs.1750 for the subsequent 2 years.
  • For the next 4 years, officers get a further increment of Rs.2000. The basic pay becomes Rs.54,400.
  • The highest basic RBI Grade B Salary pay becomes Rs.62,400 after completing 16 years of service.

Frequently Asked Questions on RBI Grade B Salary


What is RBI Grade B Salary?

The monthly basic RBI Grade B Salary is Rs. 55,200/-. The monthly gross emoluments is Rs. 1,08,404/- (approximately) for a newly recruited Grade B officer. The pay scale is Rs. 55200 – 2850(9) – 80850 – EB – 2850 (2) – 86550 – 3300(4) – 99750 (16 years).


What perks are given to a Grade B Officer apart from the RBI Grade B Salary?

Besides a good salary, Grade B Officer gets perks like repayment of expenditures for maintenance of automobiles for official purposes, leave fare privilege, furnishing of quarters, bank accommodation, telephone charges, book grant, fuel compensation, loans and advancements at concessional rates.


What is RBI Grade B in Hand Salary?

RBI Grade B in Hand Salary is INR 81,968/-. This salary is calculated by subtracting the total deductions (Rs.26,436) from the monthly Gross salary (Rs.1,08,404), which has been revised after the 7th Pay Commission.


Besides RBI Grade B Officer Salary, what are the allowances offered to the RBI officers?

RBI Grade B officers receive numerous compensations such as House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Family Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Telephone Allowance, etc. These allowances with extra perks are also provided along with RBI Grade B Salary.


What is the RBI Grade B Salary after 5 years?

The initial RBI Grade B Salary is Rs. 55,200 p.m. with a yearly increment of Rs.2850 for 9 years. If you work hard during your service period, you will get promoted from time to time and it will ultimately boost your present salary.


Is RBI Grade B better than IAS?

RBI Grade B career can be better for some students who want to obtain government jobs with less preparation. UPSC CSE exam and RBI Grade B exam both are regarded as the toughest competitive exams in India. IAS preparation is more tiresome than the RBI Grade B exam due to its vast syllabus.


What is the basic pay of RBI Grade B Salary 2023?

The basic RBI Grade B Salary in 2023 is ₹55,200 per month. The position that a candidate receives just after clearing the exam is of an Assistant Manager. All the officers recruited through RBI Grade B 2023 Exam will earn an annual salary of 12-14 lakhs.


What is the highest post in RBI?

The highest post in RBI that an RBI Grade B official can attain is of a Deputy Governor and Governor. The Government can nominate those Deputy Governors who are following the right skilled approach as the Governors of the Reserve Bank of India.


Is RBI Grade B a good job?

Working as an RBI Grade B officer is considered to be the most respected job and even at the entry-level, you can get a platform to accomplish your capabilities and flourish in your career. Reserve Bank of India offers a satisfactory work-life balance and you can devote additional time towards your hobbies. RBI boosts one’s learning skills and orients its officers to become leaders in future.