3 Sutras To Prepare For Reasoning Ability

3 Sutras for Reasoning Ability Preparation

In this article, we shall look into 3 sutras to prepare for the Reasoning Ability section.

The pattern and the selection process in the banking sector are changing every alternate day. The bank exams syllabus of various competitive exams should be covered within a certain tenure in accordance with the bank exam pattern. Since 2015, a few changes were made in the bank exam pattern.

Bank exams are classified into two tiers:

  • Prelims
  • Mains

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Reasoning Ability Syllabus

The Reasoning Ability section includes questions on coding-decoding, data sufficiency, inequalities which are easier compared to other aspects so these need to be attempted first during the examination. The following are the ones which a candidate should attempt next:

  1. Blood Relations
  2. Input-output
  3. Syllogism

Puzzles become a bit confusing for the candidates who do not practice enough before the bank exams. So this topic should be answered at the end. It’s advisable for candidates to attempt easy questions first not to spend much time in solving difficult questions which are time-consuming.

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Main Chapters of Reasoning Section

The main chapters to prepare for Reasoning Ability section:

  • Coding-decoding: The basic fundamentals like letter shifting coding will help to score more in the exam.
  • Inequalities: Solving at least 150-200 questions from inequalities before the exam will score the candidate 5-7 marks in the exam.
  • Syllogisms: Using Venn diagrams makes solving the syllogism problem easier where almost 5 questions are likely to appear in the exam.
  • Puzzles: 1 puzzle on the double line up or scheduling is easy to solve only if the candidate practices more.

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For a banking aspirant, who wants to excel in the bank exam cannot prepare before 15 days of the bank exam. With the change in the bank exam pattern, the questions cannot be ascertained as it was easier for the candidates earlier.

Usually, candidates find Quantitative or English syllabus tougher so they invest more time in the bank exam preparation and they do not focus on the Reasoning Ability section, assuming that it is easy to crack. But this is not the situation in reality. According to the bank exam syllabus of the Reasoning section, one needs to be reflexive enough to solve the problems in a given time with accuracy.

3 Key Sutras for Preparation of Reasoning Ability Section

The following 3 sutras will help the candidate to do well in the Reasoning Ability section:

  • To focus on the solution and not the problem:

Questions from inequality or coding-decoding are quite confusing so if one focuses on those they would not find a solution ever. All the candidates can do is think about the solution and start from the end which makes the problem look simpler.

  • To simplify things and think in accordance with the solution:

The problems from input-output, blood relations, syllogisms and analogy are somewhat complicated so first thing is to simplify and put it in accordance with the solution.

  • To solve puzzles and crosswords regularly which sharpens the mind:

Puzzles and crosswords are the sections which need concentration and tricks to solve. In the Reasoning Ability section, there are puzzles related to scheduling where at least 1 question is expected for 7 marks or so. Candidates who practice on a daily basis are likely to fetch good marks easily on this topic.

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The Logical Reasoning paper is included in the bank exams syllabus to check the mental ability of the candidates so that they can deal with the real-world problems and act in a faster way to find a solution to a problem.

If one is good at reasoning, 35 seconds is enough to solve each question. The only thing that a candidate should take care of is to know the exact bank exam pattern of the Reasoning Ability section.

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Besides, the candidate should be focused on the accuracy as there is negative marking in each of the bank exams.

Hence, aspirants preparing for Bank exams should focus on the Reasoning Ability section to excel in the exam.

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Apart from this section to score a high score in the bank exam and meet the cut-off marks, candidates should also focus on other sections like Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness equally.

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