SSC General Awareness - SSC General Knowledge Topics For All SSC Exams

SSC General Awareness – SSC General Knowledge or General Awareness is a section where candidates can attempt the maximum number of accurate questions and increase their overall score count in the examination.  

Not only in SSC exams but in other competitive exams as well, general awareness is considered to be the most scoring section. The aim of this section is to test candidates’ awareness and knowledge regarding the occurrences around the world.

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This article will abreast candidates about the SSC General Awareness, its prominence, syllabus and topics covered in this section and the type of SSC general awareness questions asked in the examination. 

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SSC General Awareness Topics

Candidates preparing for various SSC Exams or any other competitive exams can go through the list of important topics for SSC General Awareness.

SSC General Awareness Topics

SSC General Knowledge

Aspirants preparing for SSC exams must be well aware that in almost all the examinations conducted by the Staff Selection Commission, there is a separate and mandatory section of general awareness or SSC General Knowledge that carries a certain weightage of marks.

The table given below highlights the examinations conducted by the selection commission having SSC general awareness section, the number of questions asked and the maximum marks awarded for this section in each exam. 

SSC General Awareness in SSC Exams
Exams having SSC general awareness section Number of Question Max. Marks
SSC CGL 25  50
SSC CHSL 25 50
SSC CPO 50 50
SSC GD 25 25
SSC JE 50 50
SSC MTS 25  25
SSC Stenographer  50  50

SSC General Awareness Syllabus

General Awareness is always a scoring part to gain an edge in the exam. The SSC general knowledge or general awareness section evaluates a candidate’s knowledge about day-to-day affairs or happenings in and around the world. The general awareness questions in SSC exams do not require candidates to have special knowledge of any particular discipline. 

The SSC General awareness section can be classified into the following four major categories:

  1. Static GK – This covers topics about the static facts, the facts that are never going to change in the future. It includes History, Geography, Economics and Polity. For further details on Static GK and to get the PDF of important static GK topics, check the linked page. 
  2. Current Affairs– This is the dynamic portion of the SSC General knowledge section and covers the events of national and international importance or recent developments. For details and notes on Current Affairs check the linked page. 
  3. General Science – To deal with this part of SSC general awareness section, candidates are required to have basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry & Biology.
  4. Miscellaneous – This part covers questions related to important days, National Schemes, Book Names and Authors, Computers, Logical Analysis, etc.

The questions in the exam related to the SSC general knowledge section revolve around matters of everyday observations and tests the candidate’s awareness of the environment around him/ her and topics related to India and its neighbouring countries such as:

  1. Culture
  2. Economic Scene
  3. General Polity
  4. Geography
  5. History
  6. Indian Constitution
  7. Scientific Research
  8. Sports

Broadly, the syllabus of SSC General Awareness section covers the following topics:

SSC General Awareness Syllabus
History- Harappa Civilization, Vedic culture, Medieval India and their important systems; India’s freedom movement and their leaders
Geography- about countries and their geographical details, Famous Seaport and Airport and their location.
Polity- Administrative, Legislative and judiciary of our Country, Election, Important constitution bodies like CAG, Symbols of political parties, duties & responsibilities of the major persons in the Parliament
Economy-Budget related information and terminologies, Important persons involved in Economy of the Country and monetary institutions
Physics- Laws, major Inventions and Discoveries.
Chemistry- Characteristics of gases, atoms, molecules, Chemistry in everyday life.
Biology-Important discoveries, Interesting facts about human body parts, Nutrition in Animals and Plants, Diseases and their causes.
General Knowledge, Current affairs

Candidates willing to check the detailed syllabus related to particular SSC exam can check the following links:

  1. SSC CGL Syllabus
  2. SSC GD Syllabus
  3. SSC CHSL Syllabus
  4. SSC CPO Syllabus
  5. SSC JE Syllabus
  6. SSC MTS Syllabus
  7. SSC Stenographer Syllabus

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Types of SSC General Awareness Questions

In this section, candidates will know the types of SSC General Knowledge questions asked in the examination. Candidates who constantly upkeep their knowledge of all the latest issues and happenings across the globe will easily be able to answer any type of general awareness questions in SSC Exams. Given below are a few examples of SSC GK questions asked in the exams.

SSC General Awareness questions examples:

Q.1. Name the Indian cricketer who has been honoured with the ‘Most inspiring icon of the year for Social Welfare’ award in DPIFF – DadasahebPhalke International Film Festival?

Q.2. Which State has the First Insect Museum of India?

Q.3. What is the number of Hydrogen and Carbon in Propane?

Q.4. Where is ‘Jagoda Rock’?

Q.5. What is the angle of the Benzene Molecule?

Q.6. Who was the Governor during 3rd Anglo War?

Q.7. Who is the author of the book ‘Saint of God’?

Q.8. Which country will host the Commonwealth Games 2022?

Q.9. Where is India’s First floating market located?

Q.10. What is the unit of Velocity of sound?

For more such questions and notes on important SSC general awareness topics keep track of this page.

SSC General Awareness Preparation Tips

The most important thing to ace the SSC general awareness section is its preparation. Preparing for SSC General knowledge at the eleventh hour of the exam might leave the candidates perplexed. 

It is imperative to have an efficient and focused preparation of SSC general awareness section so that it gives them maximum results on the efforts they put in and at the same time does not waste their time.

Below given a few important tips for an effective SSC general knowledge preparation:

  • Take help from the internet and find important news on current affairs topics such as ongoing business deals, world economics, political news and more.
  • Watch good news channels and read newspapers daily. Spending at least half an hour watching news and one-hour newspaper reading will improve knowledge.
  • Follow good magazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan or go through the PIB news. These are the best sources of accumulating knowledge about SSC general awareness. Candidates will find Information about authors and books, personalities and awards, country capitals and famous places from this source.
  • Candidates who do not follow or practise general knowledge on a regular basis can take help from the previous year papers. It will help in understanding the exam pattern as well as the type and scope of SSC General awareness questions asked in the exam.
  • Candidates should follow leading websites and channels to take part in online discussions about topics of national and international interest.
  • Mere accumulation of SSC general awareness information from different sources will not help. Candidates should take notes of all the important information they get so that they can revise them in the last minute of the exam.

The boundaries for preparation of SSC general awareness is literally limitless and keeping up to date with such extensive knowledge is not a day’s task, therefore, the earlier you start the better it is. 


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