Bridges in India | List of Largest/Longest Bridges in India

Do you know which is the Longest Bridge in India over water? Bhupen Hazarika Setu also known as Dhola Sadiya Bridge is the longest bridge of 9150 meters constructed over Lohit river in Tinsukia (Assam)

This article will read about the Bridges of India. Candidates will get to know the longest Bridges in India and will also be able to download the list of longest bridges in India PDF comprising details of 85 bridges of India.

List of Longest Bridges in India PDF:-Download PDF Here

The topic bridges in India are important from a competitive exam point of view. Aspirants of various government exams such as SSC exam, RRB exam, Bank exam etc. might encounter questions related to bridges in India under the general awareness section of these examinations. 

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List of Top 15 Bridges In India

The table below enlists the list of top 15 longest bridges in India over water, their length, rivers they are constructed over and the places they connect. 

Longest Bridges in India Name and Place Distance Place Opened Connecting
1 Dhola Sadiya Bridge, Tinsukia, Assam  9.15 Km Lohit River,  2017 Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
2 Dibang River Bridge 6.2 Km Dibang River 2018 Arunachal Pradesh
3 Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna, Bihar 5.75 Km Ganga 1982 South Patna to Hajipur
4 Bandra-Worli Sea Link (BWSL), Mumbai 5.57 Km Mahim Bay 2009 Bandra to Worli (South Mumbai)
5 Bogibeel Bridge, Assam 4.94 Km Brahmaputra River 2018 Dhemaji to Dibrugarh
6 Vikramshila Setu, Bhagalpur, Bihar 4.70 Km Ganga 2001 Bhagalpur to Naugachia
7 Vembanad Rail Bridge, Kochi, Kerala 4.62 Km Vembanad Lake  2011 Edappally to Vallarpadam
8 Digha–Sonpur Bridge, Patna, Bihar 4.55 Km Ganga river 2016 Digha, Patna to Sonpur, Saran
9 Arrah–Chhapra Bridge, Saran, Bihar 4.35 Km Ganga 2017 Arrah to Chhapra
10 Godavari Bridge, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh 4.13 Km Godavari river 2015 Kovvur to Rajahmundry
11. Munger Ganga Bridge, Bihar 3.75 Km Ganges river 2020 Munger to Jamalpur 
12. Chahlari Ghat Bridge, Uttar Pradesh 3.25 Km Ghagra river 2017 Bahraich to Sitapur
13. Jawahar Setu, Bihar 3.06 Km Son river 1965 Dehri – Son nagar
14.  Nehru Setu, Bihar 3.05 Km Son river 1900 Dehri – Son Nagar
15. Koila Bhomora Setu, Assam 3.01 Km Brahmaputra river 1987 Tezpur to Kaliabor

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Apart from these top 15 Longest Bridges in India, candidates can get the information on 85 important bridges of India by downloading the list of bridges in India PDF. The list of Bridges in India PDF is given at the top and bottom of the article.
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Bridges In India – Sample Question for General Awareness

To understand the relevance of topic Bridges in India in competitive exams, it is important to know the types of questions asked in the examination based on it. 

Given below are sample question asked in the general awareness section of competitive exams for bridges in India:

Q.1. What is the length of the longest bridge in India over water?

  1. 9.57 km
  2. 9.20 km
  3. 9.15 km
  4. 9.51 km

Answer (3) 9.15 km

Q.2 What is the longest rail cum road bridge in India?

  1. Bogibeel Bridge
  2. Koila Bhomora Setu
  3. Vembanad Rail Bridge
  4. Dibang River Bridge

Answer (1) Bogibeel Bridge

Q.3. Arrah-Chhapra Bridge is also known as?

  1. J.P Setu
  2. Veer Kunwar Singh Setu
  3. Vikramshila Setu
  4. None of the above

Answer (2) Veer Kunwar Singh Setu

Q.4. Which is the longest Railway bridge in India?

  1. Vikramshila Setu
  2. Koila Bhomora Setu
  3. Bogibeel Bridge
  4. Vembanad Rail Bridge

Answer (4) Bogibeel Bridge

Q.5. What is the length of Sikand Bridge also known as Dibang River Bridge?

  1. 7.2 km
  2. 5.9 km
  3. 6.2 km
  4. 8.3 km

Answer (3) 6.2 km.

Apart from the sample questions given above, candidates can check Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF to understand the type of questions asked in the general awareness section of these examinations.

List of Longest Bridges in India PDF:-Download PDF Here

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Frequently Asked Question – Longest Bridges in India


Q.1. Which is the second-longest bridge in India?

Ans. Dibang River Bridge is the second-longest bridge in India.

Q.2. Which is the first sea bridge in India?

Ans. Pamban Bridge is the first Sea Bridge in India connecting Rameswaram island to the mainland and is the second-longest sea bridge of the country.

Q.3. Which is the busiest bridge of India?

Ans. Howrah Bridge is counted amongst the busiest bridge of the country which is popularly known as the Rabindra Setu. It connects Kolkata and Howrah.

Q.4. On which river is the longest bridge in India stands?

Ans. Dhola Sadiya Bridge stands on the Lohit river. It is 9.15 kilometre long connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.


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