Highest Mountains In the World For General Awareness

Which is the highest Mountain in the World? Mount Everest, the range of Himalayan mountains, is the tallest mountain in the world with a height of approximately 8848 metres.

Tallest Mountains in the World topic is important for competitive exams. For various Government Exams like SSC, RRB, Bank, Insurance etc. the topic is covered in general awareness sections. Also, UPSC aspirants might encounter 1- 2 questions related to the tallest or highest mountains in the world in the UPSC preliminary exam.

This article will read about the Highest Mountains in the World. Candidates will get the list of tallest mountains, their lengths, and the Mountain Range they are associated with and their location. 

Candidates will also be able to download the list of the World’s Highest mountain PDF comprising details of tallest mountains ranging between [7500 – 8000] metres of height.

List of Highest Mountains in the World PDF:-Download PDF Here

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Tallest Mountains of The World

What are the two highest Mountain Ranges in the world? The Himalayas and Karakoram ranges are the highest mountain ranges in the world. 

These two mountain ranges envelop 14 highest mountains that are over 8000 metres i.e. more than 29000 feet of height. These mountains are also known as Eight-thousanders.

The Table highlights the details of the 14 mountains, the tallest mountains of the world. 

Highest Mountains In the World (Height- 8000 metres & above)
Mountain Metres Feet Range Location & Features
Mount Everest 8,848 29,029 Himalayas Nepal/China
K2 8,611 28,251 Karakoram India
Kangchenjunga 8,586 28,169 Himalayas Nepal/India
Lhotse 8,516 27,940 Himalayas Nepal/China – Climbers ascend Lhotse Face in climbing Everest
Makalu 8,485 27,838 Himalayas Nepal/China
Cho Oyu 8,201 26,906 Himalayas Nepal/China – Considered “easiest” eight-thousander
Dhaulagiri 8,167 26,795 Himalayas Nepal – Presumed world’s highest from 1808-1838
Manaslu 8,163 26,781 Himalayas Nepal
Nanga Parbat 8,126 26,660 Himalayas India
Annapurna 8,091 26,545 Himalayas Nepal – First eight-thousander to be climbed (1950)
Gasherbrum I (Hidden peak; K5) 8,080 26,509 Karakoram Pakistan/China – Originally named K5
Broad Peak 8,051 26,414 Karakoram Pakistan/China – Originally named K3
Gasherbrum II (K4) 8,035 26,362 Karakoram Pakistan/China – Originally named K4
Shishapangma 8,027 26,335 Himalayas China

Reference – Wikipedia [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mountains_by_elevation]

Now, go through the list of Tallest Mountains in the World over 7500 metres. You can also download the full list of 50+ Highest Mountains in the World PDF for convenience.

Highest Mountains in the World (Height – 7500 metres & above)
Mountain Metres Feet Range Location and Notes
Gasherbrum III 7,952 26,089 Karakoram Pakistan
Gyachung Kang 7,952 26,089 Himalayas Nepal (Khumbu)/China
Annapurna II 7,937 26,040 Himalayas Nepal
Gasherbrum IV (K3) 7,932 26,024 Karakoram Pakistan
Himalchuli 7,893 25,896 Himalayas Manaslu, Nepal
Distaghil Sar 7,885 25,869 Karakoram Pakistan
Ngadi Chuli 7,871 25,823 Himalayas Manaslu, Nepal
Nuptse 7,861 25,791 Himalayas Everest Massif, Nepal
Khunyang Chhish 7,852 25,761 Karakoram Pakistan
Masherbrum (K1) 7,821 25,659 Karakoram Pakistan – Originally named K1
Nanda Devi 7,816 25,643 Himalayas India (Uttarakhand)
Chomo Lonzo 7,804 25,604 Himalayas Makalu Massiff, Nepal/China
Batura Sar 7,795 25,574 Karakoram Pakistan
Kanjut Sar 7,790 25,558 Karakoram Pakistan
Rakaposhi 7,788 25,551 Karakoram Pakistan
Namcha Barwa 7,782 25,531 Himalayas China
Kamet 7,756 25,446 Himalayas India (Uttarakhand)
Saltoro Kangri 7,742 25,400 Karakoram India (Jammu and Kashmir)/Pakistan
Jannu 7,710 25,295 Himalayas Kangchenjunga, Nepal
Tirich Mir 7,708 25,289 Hindu Kush Pakistan – #1 in Hindu Kush
Molamenqing 7,703 25,272 Himalayas Shishapangma group, China
Gurla Mandhata 7,694 25,243 Himalayas (Nalakankar) China
Saser Kangri 7,672 25,171 Karakoram India (Jammu and Kashmir)
Chogolisa 7,665 25,148 Karakoram Pakistan
Kongur Tagh 7,649 25,095 Pamir or Kunlun Mountains China
Shispare 7,611 24,970 Karakoram Pakistan
Silberzacken 7,597 24,925 Himalaya Pakistan
Changtse 7,583 24,879 Himalayas Everest Massif, China
Trivor 7,577 24,859 Karakoram Karakoram – Pakistan
Gangkhar Puensum 7,570 24,836 Himalayas Bhutan/China
Gongga Shan 7,556 24,790 Daxue Shan Sichuan, China
Annapurna III 7,555 24,787 Himalayas Nepal
Kula Kangri 7,554 24,783 Himalayas China (possibly also Bhutan)
Muztagh Ata 7,546 24,757 Kongur Tagh China (Xinjiang)
Skyang Kangri 7,545 24,754 Karakoram Pakistan
Liankang Kangri 7,535 24,721 Himalayas Bhutan/China
Yukshin Gardan Sar 7,530 24,705 Karakoram Pakistan
Annapurna IV 7,525 24,688 Himalayas Nepal
Saser Kangri II 7,518 24,665 Karakoram India (Jammu and Kashmir)
Mamostong Kangri 7,516 24,659 Karakoram India (Jammu and Kashmir)

List of Highest Mountains In The World PDF:-Download PDF Here

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 Sample Questions – Highest Mountains of the World General Awareness

Understanding the relevance of the tallest mountains of the world for competitive exams is important for better preparation for which it is important to know the types of questions asked in the examination based on it. 

Given below are sample question asked in the general awareness section of competitive exams for Mountains Peaks of the World:

Q.1. What is the height of Mount Everest above sea level?

  1. 25059 feets
  2. 29029 feets
  3. 27059 feets
  4. 29039 feets

Answer (2) 29029 feet above sea level.

Q.2. Which Mountain from the eight-thousanders has the highest fatality rate?

  1. Kanchenjunga
  2. Cho Oyu
  3. Annapurna
  4. Dhaulagiri

Answer (3) Annapurna

Q.3. Where is the smallest mountain in the world?

  1. Australia
  2. China
  3. Japan 
  4. United States

Answer (1) Australia

Q.4. Which country has no mountains?

  1. Canada
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Belarus
  4. Romania

Answer (3) Belarus

Q.5. Which is the smallest mountain in the world?

  1. Les Platons, Jersey
  2. Britton Hill, Florida
  3. Bukit Timah Hill, Singapore
  4. Wycheproof, Australia

Answer (4) Wycheproof, Australia

Apart from the sample questions given above, candidates can check Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF to understand the type of questions asked in the general awareness section of these examinations.

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