List of Sports Terms for General Awareness

Sports terms form an important part of the general awareness section of competitive exams. It is one of the most common questions asked in various government exams. 

The General Awareness section is a part of almost all major Government exams and scoring marks in this section is the easiest since no calculations and solutions are required. But this is possible only if a candidate is completely prepared. 

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Candidates appearing for exams such as SSC, Bank, RRB, IBPS or any other government exams surely encounter at least one question related to sports terminology. Hence, to help fetch every single mark we have collated a list of sports terms important from exams point of view.

List of Sports Terms:-Download PDF Here

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Sports Terminology – Important Sports Terms

The table given below gives the list of Sports Terms along with the sports it associates to: 

List of Sports Terms
Sports Terms Sports Terminology
Sports Term of Athletics Relay, Track, Lane, Photo Finish, Hurdles, Shot Put, Discuss Throw, Hammer Throw, High Jump, Triple Jump Cross Country, etc.
Sports Term of Basketball Free throw, Common foul, Underhead, Technical foul,  Overhead, etc.
Sports Term of Baseball Pinching, Homerun, Base runner, Perfect game, Throw, Strike, Put out, etc.
Sports Term of Badminton Shuttlecock, Service court, Double fault, Fore-hand, Back Hand, Smash, Hit, Drop, Net, Love, etc.
Sports Term of Boxing Knock out, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Round, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Footwork, Accidental Butt, Bleeder, Bolo Punch, Bout, Brawler, Break, Buckle, Canvas, Card, Caught Cold, Clinch, Corkscrew Punch, Cornerman, Counterpunch, Cross, Cutman, Dive, Eight Count, Glass Jaw, Haymaker, Liver Shot, Low Blow, Mauler, Neutral Corner, Plodder, Ring Generalship, Roughhousing, Southpaw, Spar, Stablemate, Technical Knockout, Walkout Bout, Whiskers etc.
Sports Term of Bridge Masterpoint, Grand slam, Perfect deals, Dummy, Trump, etc.
Sports Term of Billiards & Snooker Pull, Cue, Hit, Object ball, Scoring, Cushion billiards, Break shot,  etc.
Sports Term of Cricket Toss, Run, Wicket, Pitch, Stump, Bails, Crease, Pavilion, Gloves, Wicket Keeper, Over, , Followon, Rubber, Spin, Ashes, Catch, Bowled, Stump out, Runout, L. B. W; Hit Wicket, Googley, Not out, No ball, Wide ball, Dead ball, Maiden over, Overthrow, Bye, Leg by, Cover drive, Late cut, Hook, Glance, Stroke, Shot, Pull, Sixer, Follow Through, Turn, Bouncer, Hattrick, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Seamer, Boundry line, Slip, Square leg, Runner, Cover, Yorker, Gully, Long on, Silly point, Midwicket, Mid on, Forward short leg, Deep/mid-wicket, etc.
Sports Term of Cycling Sprint, Time trial, Track race, Point race,  etc.
Sports Term of Chess Gambit, move, resign, stalemate, checkmate, Grandmaster,  international master, Kings Indian Defence, etc.
Sports Term of Football Kick, Goal, Head, Penalty kick, Dribble, Offside, Move, Hattrick, Foul, Left out, Right out, Stopper, Defender, Side back, Pass, Baseline, Rebound, Comer back, etc.
Sports Term of Golf ace, albatross, double eagle, all square, approach putt, apron, ball mark, ballooning, beach, birdie, blind shot, bogey, bunker, caddy, chip, Claw grip, condor, dogleg, dub, flag, Four-Ball, Mulligan, off the deck, peg, sand trap, tee shot etc.
Sports Term of Gymnastics Parallel bar, Horizontal bar, Push up, Floor exercise, Uneven bar, Sit up. etc.
Sports Term of Horse Riding Three-day Event, Dresses, Showjumping, Faults, etc.
Sports Term of Hockey Bully, Short corner, Hattrick, Goal, Penalty Corner, Penalty stroke, Pushin, Cut, Scoop, Dribble,  Centre forward, Halfback, Astroturf, Sudden death,  Left in, Left out, Off-side, Tiebreaker, Carried, Stick, Striking circle, Undercutting, etc.
Sports Term of Judo Cocoa, white, , Blue,  Green belt, etc.
Sports Term of Polo Polo-Bunker, Mallet, Chukker,  etc.
Sports Term of Swimming Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly stroke, Lane, Pool, Crawl, etc.
Sports Term of Shooting Rapidfire Pistol, Standard rifle, Free pistol, Air rifle,  Range, Bull’s eye, etc.
Sports Term of Tennis Service, Grandslam, Deuce, Advantage, Game Point, Breakpoint, Smash, Shot, Break, Grass Court, Drop shot, Netplay, Baseline, etc.
Sports Term of Table Tennis Volley, Late service, Drive spin, Half volley, Backhand, Chop, etc.
Sports Term of Volleyball Spikers, Booster, Deuce,  Smash, Sidearm, Penetration, etc
Sports Term of Wrestling Freestyle, Point, Hal Nelson, Heave, etc  
Sports Term of Weight Lifting Jerk, Snatch,  etc

Candidates can download the list of Sports terminology from the PDF link given below:

Sports Terminology List:-Download PDF Here

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List of Sports Terms – Sample Questions for General Awareness

To give a better understanding of the type of questions that may be asked with respect to the sports terminology topic, given below are a few sample questions for your reference.

Q.1. Hook Pass Term belongs to which sports?

  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Hockey
  4. Football

Answer (2) Basketball

Q.2. The term ‘Punter’ is related to which game?

  1. Billiards
  2. Volleyball
  3. Football
  4. Chess

Answer (3) Football

Q.3. Bull’s Eye is a term linked to which sport?

  1. Wrestling
  2. Shooting
  3. Swimming 
  4. Boxing

Answer (2) Shooting

Q.4 Participants in this sport are called Pugilist.

  1. Wrestling
  2. Hockey
  3. Golf
  4. Boxing

Answer (4) Boxing

Q.5. The term ‘Butterfly Strokes’ is associated with which of the following?

  1. Swimming
  2. Volleyball
  3. Tennis
  4. Chess

Answer (1) Swimming

Apart from the above sample questions on sports terms, check Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF to understand the type of questions asked in the general awareness section of these examinations.

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Candidates preparing for the upcoming government exams must carefully go through the list of Sports Terms to ace the General Awareness Section easily. For any further assistance, candidates can refer to BYJU’S and get the list of preparation books, study material and exam information.