100+ Important Phobias List For General Awareness

The knowledge of important phobias list is critical as the topic is covered under the general awareness section of various government exams and other competitive exams.

What is Phobia?

Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It is an irrational fear of some object or environment or something that is unlikely to cause any harm to the person. The word Phobia is derived from the Greek word ‘phobo’ which means horror or fear.

Examples of phobias:

  • Hydrophobia – fear of water
  • Phobophobia – Fear of Fears
  • Agoraphobia – fear of places that triggers helplessness

Candidates preparing for various Government exams such as SSC, RRB, Bank, etc. might encounter 1-2 questions related to important phobias in the general knowledge section of these examinations.

Hence the article will provide the list of phobias. Candidates will get 100+ important phobias in alphabetical order along with the sample questions asked in the exams based on Fear or Phobias.

Important Phobias List:-Download PDF Here

List of Phobias

Important phobias broadly fall under five categories as mentioned below:

  1. Fears related to the natural environment such as thunder, heights, darkness, etc.
  2. Fears related to animals and insects such as dogs, lizards, spiders etc.
  3. Fears related to medical issues, injuries or blood such as falls, broken bones, injections etc. 
  4. Fears related to situations or motions like driving, flying, riding an elevator etc.
  5. Other fears/phobias are related to drowning, choking, loud noises and more

The categories comprise infinite situations and objects of fear, so now, let’s move on to the list of phobias. The table below enlists 30 important phobias. Candidates can download the full list of Phobias in alphabetical order given at the bottom of the article. 

List of Phobias Fear/Phobias Words
An extreme or irrational fear of heights Acrophobia
An irrational fear of fresh air or drafts of air Aerophobia
Fear of being egotistical, being alone or isolated Autophobia
A phobia of pain Algophobia
An abnormal fear of heights Altophobia
An emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat Anorexia
An extreme or irrational fear of open or public places Agoraphobia
An abnormal and persistent fear of depths Bathophobia
Fear or hatred of books Bibliophobia
Fear of ugliness and things that are ugly Cacophobia
A dislike of being in the centre Centrophobia
An extreme fear about beauty Cellophobia
Fear of time Chronophobia
Fear of dogs Cynophobia
An extreme or irrational fear of confined places Claustrophobia
A delusion of being possessed by evil spirits Demonomania
An abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol Dipsophobia
An abnormal and persistent fear of work or finding employment Ergophobia
Fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment Gamophobia
Physical or psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse Genophobia
Fear of old age Geraphobia
Fear of knowledge Gnosiophobia
Fear of women Gynaephobia
Fear of writing or handwriting Graphophobia
An irrational and intense fear of travel Hodophobia
An excessive fear or aversion to obtaining pleasure Hedonophobia
Fear of disease Hematophobia
An obsessive fear of words Logophobia
An extreme fear of wind or drafts Anemophobia
An extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness Nyctophobia
Fear of medication Pharmacophobia
Fear of death Thanatophobia
Extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen Triskaidekaphobia

Download 100 plus important phobia list from the pdf given below:

Important Phobias List:-Download PDF Here

Candidates can check the relevant link for assistance in government exam preparation

Sample Questions – Important Phobias for General Awareness

To understand the relevance of the topic of important phobias for competitive exams, it is important to know the types of questions asked in the examination based on it. 

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Given below are sample question asked in the general awareness section of competitive exams for Phobias Or Fears:

Q.1. Podophobia is associated with.

  1. Fear of feet
  2. Fear of Sun
  3. Fear of being dirty
  4. Fear of bees

Answer (1) Fear of Feet

Q.2. The fear of snow is called?

  1. Apiphobia
  2. Phobophobia
  3. Chionophobia
  4. Agliophobia

Answer (3) Chionophobia

Q.3. What is the meaning of Arithmophobia?

  1. Fear of books
  2. Fear of plants
  3. Fear of Numbers
  4. Fear of Being alone

Answer (3) Fear of numbers

Q.3. Iatrophobia is associated with?

  1. Fear of cockroaches
  2. Fear of working on computers
  3. Fear of going to school
  4. Fear of going to doctors

Answer (4) Fear of Going to Doctors

Q.4. Fear of thunder and lightning is called?

  1. Ailurophobia
  2. Brontophobia
  3. Phasmophobia
  4. Chromatophobia

Answer (2) Brontophobia

Q.5. Tachophobia is fear of?

  1. Speed
  2. Bulls
  3. Darkness
  4. Snakes

Answer (1) Speed

Apart from the sample questions given above, candidates can check Previous Year Question Papers with solution PDF to understand the type of questions asked in the general awareness section of various government examinations.

Candidates appearing for any of the government examinations can check the details and syllabus from the given links:

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