Different Sections In Bank Exams

In competitive exams the main factor that decides the performance of the candidate depends only 60 % on his preparation. The other 40 % is always reserved by the way the candidate utilizes the given time between the 3 sections, because in an exam you are under the pressure of tough questions and ticking time. Only a few students can perform to their level best by managing their section and wisely segregating time during exam. No matter how strong the candidate is in a particular section, he will need to score the sectional cutoff in that section in order to pass.

The best way to attempt the section in an exam is by following these few steps:

The first section you should start with is the English Language.

  • Start with Fill in the blanks and Cloze test.
  • Para Jumble are easy for scoring, so they can be attempted as well
  • Spotting Error is a bit time consuming if you are not good with it, so it can be left for the last to be reviewed.
  • For Comprehension part, first, try to find the 50% of question which can be answered without reading the passage.
  • Vocabulary based questions like synonyms and antonyms of the bold word can be done without reading the passage.
  • After that give a quick read to a passage, if you get the passage, Good. If not, don’t worry move on.
  • Don’t waste more than 12 minutes.

The second section that can be attempted is Quantitative Aptitude.

  • In this section, the moment you look at the question, by your own practice make out which one you can solve.
  • Take the question that you can solve and without wasting time start with it.
  • Do not emotionally attach yourself to a question, If you are not able to solve a question leave it and move on because solving one hard question will fetch you the same marks as an easy one.
  • Forget the problems that you have dropped, there is no point stressing over it and wasting time, of other questions.
  • Do not guess in the questions of Quants.
  • Don’t waste more than 18 minutes.

The third part that is Reasoning needs a relaxed mind.

  • After solving English language and Quantitative Aptitude, The brain is completely charged up for a mixture of both, Reasoning.
  • It is a time-consuming section and 20 minutes are to be given to this section.
  • Start solving the questions which are small and logical, like blood relation, coding decoding.
  • Then start with Sitting arrangement and other complicated problems.

After you have done your best and attempted the questions to the best of your potential  you will then have enough time to check over and to focus your attention to those unsolved questions that were found to difficult.

Hope the suggestions given above will help you to get your place among those few students who will perform in their exams. For more such articles visit us @ Byju’s.

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