Sentence Rearrangement & Parajumbles - Tips, Tricks & Questions

One of the most important topics in the English language section for various Government exams is Sentence Rearrangement. The topic may also be referred to as parajumbles and questions from this topic are frequently asked in the exam.

The weightage of questions asked from the sentence rearrangement topic is mostly between 3-5 marks and candidates can easily score marks in these questions.

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In this article, we shall discuss at length about sentence rearrangement, the correct approach to solve the parajumbles and some sample questions to understand the topic even better.

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Sentence Rearrangement Questions PDF:-Download PDF Here

Sentence Rearrangement – Basic Concept

As the word suggests, sentence rearrangement refers to re-arranging a bunch of lines, which are presented in a jumbled manner in the question. Candidates need to arrange the sentences in the correct order and then answer the questions related to the same.

Sentence Rearrangement & ParaJumbles - Government Exams

The theme, topic or the area from which the jumbled sentences may be picked is miscellaneous and candidates need to analyse the statements carefully to answer the question.

The questions asked may be of various types:

  • The correct order of all the statements
  • The correct order of any one statement
  • To detect the first statement of the passage
  • To detect the last statement of the passage, and so on

The more a candidate practises, the more efficient he/she shall get in solving the jumbled statements.

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Types of Sentence Rearrangement Questions

There are basically 4 formats in which the parajumble questions can be asked in the various competitive exams:

  1. The Basic Format: This is the format where all the statements are given in a jumbled form and candidates need to arrange all the statements logically.
  2. Static First Statement: In the second type of format for parajumbles, the first statement is given as static and candidates have to arrange the other statements logically, such that the first statement remains constant.
  3. Static Last Statement: Just like a static first statement, the last statement given can also be static and candidates need to arrange the other sentences to make the paragraph logical, with the last sentence constant.
  4. Static First and Last Statement: The first and last statement can be static and candidates are required to arrange the leftover sentences between these two statements to make it logically correct.

It must also be noted that with the increase in competition, the conducting bodies keep enhancing the level of questions asked. The topics are the same but the standard of questions tend to change. 

Thus, it is important that a candidate effectively understands the concept and its basics well to be able to answer it in any format.

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Correct Approach To Solve Sentence Rearrangement Questions

There are multiple mistakes that a candidate can make while answering questions from the sentence rearrangement topic. So, solving the questions with the correct approach shall help candidates answer the parajumbles without making errors.

Tips and tricks to solve sentence rearrangement questions are as given below:

  1. Read all the given statements carefully and analyse the common point between them and then start rearranging them.
  2. Refer to a pattern that may be given in the statement. 
  3. Try relating the words given like, yet, but, when, then, they, anyway, etc. This will give you a clearer idea of how the sentences can be rearranged.
  4. Candidates with stronger vocabulary are more likely to solve the question quicker as understanding the meanings of every word given in each sentence will help in arranging the statements.
  5. Paragraphs with one static statement are comparatively easier to crack as you get an idea as to how the theme starts to evolve or how it shall end.
  6. Once you think you are done with arranging the statements correctly, re-read the entire passage to ensure that it is logically correct. 

Further below, we have given some sample questions for reference and to help you understand the concept even better.

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Sentence Rearrangement Questions

To help candidates get a better idea of the topic, discussed below are a few sample questions and examples of parajumbles.

Let us start with a basic example to understand what needs to be done.

Example 1: Given below are jumbled statements, arrange the following in logical form:

  1. Rani fills the form to the dance show
  2. A talent hunt show is looking for Classical dancers like Rani
  3. Rani is called for auditions
  4. Rani is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer
  5. Rani gets selected

The Correct Arrangement:

  1. Rani is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer
  2. A talent hunt show is looking for Classical dancers like Rani
  3. Rani fills the form to the dance show
  4. Rani is called for auditions
  5. Rani gets selected

From the above arrangement, the questions which may be asked are as follows:

Q 1. What is the correct order of the statements when arranged logically?

Answer: 42135

Q 2. Which statement is the 3rd statement from the beginning?

Answer: (1.) Rani fills the form to the dance show

Questions of similar type are asked in the final examination but in a little complex manner.

Sentence Rearrangement Questions PDF:-Download PDF Here

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