Prepositions List - Most Used Prepositions In English Grammar

This article will abreast candidates with the List of Prepositions in English Grammar. Knowledge of common prepositions lists will help them to clear the English section of any competitive exam very easily. 

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Aspirants who are willing to apply for the various Government exams must go through the list of prepositions and common prepositions of English grammar carefully as the English language is a part of the syllabus for most of these exams.

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List Of Prepositions

There are hundreds of prepositions in English grammar. This is really small when you think of thousands of other words like verbs, nouns etc. We use prepositions more frequently than any other words in English. 

Given below is the list of most common prepositions used in the English language. Along with the prepositions, the list gives the type of preposition and an example sentence for each of the prepositions so that candidates can understand them better.   

Common Prepositions List

Preposition Type Example Sentence
above position There was a display of fireworks above the town
across position His dog lay across his lap.
direction The vendor walked across the street to sell fruits
after time Shortly after their marriage, they moved to Texas
against position The grasscutter was kept against the fence.
direction The aunt threw the painting against the wall.
along direction The road led along the forest.
among position The child hid among the trees.
around position The fence around the house is necessary for safety
at location They have a dishwasher at home.
time Today the meeting is at 6 p.m.  
away from direction The hospital staff led the body away from the other patients.
before time I go to the gym before college.
behind position We parked the car behind the school building.
below position Just below the pocket was a stain.
beneath position There is a tunnel beneath the Alps.
beside position He sat beside her in the front seat.
between position The garden between the two houses is beautiful
by position Go by the road to reach your destination
time By the time the guests arrived, snacks were finished.
down direction He goes up and down the stairs for a workout
during time His phone rang during the meeting with the CEO
for time They went to Dubai for a week.
from direction He came running from home to catch the bus.
time The show will run from 10 p.m to 12 p.m.
in position His mother kept his clothes in the cupboard
location My parents are living in Japan
time The play will end in some minutes.
in front of position He was waiting for his friend in front of the pub.
inside position The cat hid inside the drawer.
into direction Put the food into the fridge.
near position The car was parked near the mall.
next to position The best friends sat next to each other.
off (of) direction She rolled off (of) the stairs.
on position The jug is on the shelf.
location Her house is on the main road
time My vacation begins on Tuesday.
onto direction The dog jumped onto his lap.
out of direction The cab arrived the moment they walked out of the hotel.
outside location There was an old man outside the temple
over position He saw flames over the school building
direction She jumped over the rat.
through position A long tunnel goes through these mountains.
direction He chose to walk through the subway.
till time They waited till the guests arrived to cut the cake.
to direction She prefers walking to work
time The party is from 9 to 11.
toward(s) direction The steamer sailed towards the riverbank
under position The rat is under my bed
direction The fish swam under the ship.
underneath position Their bedroom is right underneath ours
until time She can’t wait until next month for the treatment
up direction We climbed up the mountains to see the serene view.

Candidates preparing for the upcoming government exams must carefully go through the list of prepositions to ace English Language section. 

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