Idioms & Phrases Questions & Answers For Verbal Ability

This article will provide Idioms and Phrases questions and answers to prepare for the verbal ability section of various competitive exams. 

Idioms and Phrases questions covered in this page are already asked in some of the other competitive exams, hence aspirants of Government exams are advised to carefully go through Idioms and Phrases’ Questions and Answer as there are high chances these questions might be asked again.  

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Candidates will get the 20 questions and answers on Idioms and phrases to prepare well for the verbal ability section of the exam. Going through these Idioms Phrases questions will help them get an idea on the variety and scope of questions they can encounter in various government exams. 

Idioms And Phrase Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Idioms & Phrases Question And Answers

Candidates before checking out the questions and answers on idioms and phrases must be well versed with important idioms and phrases in the English Language so that they can answer the questions easily. Thus, candidates can go through the list of Idioms and Phrases in the given link.  

Directions (1-10) In each of the following questions a statement has been given with highlighted text. You are required to replace the text with correct Idioms or phrases given in the options.

Q.1. A video call from my favourite film star on my birthday was a complete surprise.

  1. A damp squib
  2. Bolt from the blue
  3. A field day
  4. A mare’s nest

Q.2. The article on the world population published in today’s journal is a duplicate of what was published the other day.

  1. On tenterhooks
  2. An Ananias
  3. Dead Ringer
  4. A wee bit

Q.3. Even though he is a learned person, he talks nonsense when it comes to morality and integrity. 

  1. Talks through one’s hat
  2.  Bark up the wrong tree
  3. Like a cat on hot bricks
  4. Show a clean pair of heels

Q.4. The world today is facing an unpleasant situation because of the pandemic disease.

  1. Thrown out of gear
  2. Harps on the same string
  3. Like a fish out of water
  4. Swallowing a bitter pill

Q.5. Students have to face the risk in order to attain success in the Civil Services exams.

  1. To bell the cat
  2. To nip in the bud
  3. To take one to task
  4. A hard nut to crack

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Q.6. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, the tricks used in the marketing and branding of the new product yielded no result

  1. Gained ground
  2. No Avail
  3. Throwing cold water on anything
  4. Reaped the harvest

Q.7. Mary had a bad experience in a relationship in the past, now, she is in a state of confusion whether she should marry someone or not.

  1. All at Sea
  2. Wrapped one’s brain around
  3. Playing ducks and drakes
  4. At one’s beck and call

Q.8. Being an atheist, he differs strongly with his parents’ teachings on principles and the idea of the almighty. 

  1. Call a spade a spade
  2. Burn the midnight oil
  3. At loggerheads
  4. Keep one at bay

Q.9. She has to begin gaining experience if she wishes to join the media industry.

  1. Cost an arm and a leg
  2. Get one’s feet wet
  3. Cross one’s T’s and dots
  4. To sit on the fence

Q.10. A large crowd was anticipated for the art exhibition by the organisers, but it did not happen.

  1. Break down
  2. A house of cards
  3. On the cards
  4. Keep up with

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Online Quiz 2023
Directions (11-20) Given below are the sentences with Idioms and Phrases highlighted in bold. You are required to choose the most correct meaning of the phrase from the given options.

Q.11. The government of the nations is not hard and fast with the lockdown rules during pandemic disease.

  1. Serious
  2. Cause of trouble
  3. Facing the risk
  4. Strict

Q.12. America and China own the lion’s share in the investment of the top companies of the world.

  1. Under its control
  2. Equal part
  3. Biggest part
  4. The whole part

Q.13. The bone of contention between the two brothers is the ancestral property of their forefathers.

  1. Reason of brotherhood
  2. Point of argument
  3. Reason of quarrel
  4. Pretence of love

Q.14. Currently, the economies of the world are biting the bullet as major companies have affected its works due to the present situation amid the virus outbreak.

  1. Having war with others
  2. Dwelling on the same page
  3. Doing things in the wrong order
  4. Doing something unpleasant that one has been putting off

Q.15. Trust Ria’s mother to spill the beans as she sees no reason why she shouldn’t do it. 

  1. Reveal the secret
  2. Arrive at the wrong time
  3. To make unkind statements about someone
  4. To praise one’s own achievement

Q.16. The Principal was up in arms when he heard that boys had fought over a room sharing in the hostel.

  1. Very hopeless
  2. Very nervous
  3. Very tensed
  4. Very Angry

Q.17. The nation must express the sincerest condolence to the soldiers who secured our lives but died in harness at the border.

  1. Died while fighting
  2. Died while in duty
  3. Died without any reason
  4. Dying due to disease 

Q.18. She is on cloud nine since she heard the news of her destination engagement. 

  1. Lost in own world
  2. Free from anxiety
  3. Extremely enthusiastic
  4. Extremely Happy

Q.19. They decided to promote Nell to Manager post, do they not know that he is still wet behind the ears.

  1. Work on other directions
  2. Childlike
  3. Inexperienced
  4. Accused of nepotism

Q.20. Hellis is of the opinion that he can plough a lonely furrow for his new business, it is more sensible for him to work as a whole with his partners.

  1. Crack a deal
  2. Create a plan of action
  3. Do without others help
  4. Work alone for profit

Candidates can check the answers to the above-mentioned idioms and phrases questions in the PDF given below:

20 Idioms And Phrase Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Practising these verbal ability questions on idioms and phrases will ensure that a candidate has command over the topic and also, will be able to analyse different forms in which general English constitute questions on idioms and phrases.

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