Difference Between Reign, Rein & Rain For English Grammar

Reign Vs Rein Vs Rain – Learning the difference between rain, reign and rein is imperative for candidates preparing for various competitive exams. Also, it will help to enhance the vocab for regular usage. 

Candidates preparing for Government exams such as Bank, SSC, RRB, etc., should learn the given differences carefully as candidates tend to get confused with these words and end up marking incorrect answers.

Questions based on the reign vs rein vs rain are asked in the general English section, which forms an important part of most of the competitive exams. 

Hence, the article will provide the difference between reign vs rein and rain with definitions and appropriate examples for clarification and convenient preparation.

Reign Vs Rein Vs Rain

Reign Vs Rein Vs Rain With Example

Reign, rein and rain are homonyms or homophones words that sound identical but their spelling and meanings are different and so is their usage in English grammar. Go through the table below and analyse the difference between rain, reign and rein:

Reign Vs Rein Vs Rain – Difference
Reign Rein Rain
Can be a noun and verb Can be a noun and verb This also can be a noun and verb
As a noun – it is a period during which the sovereign rules.

As a verb – it means holding royal office, being king, queen or monarch

As a noun – a long narrow strap fastened to a horse to control and guide

As a verb – means of control, to hold or guide

As a noun – rain is condensed atmospheric vapour/water droplets falling from clouds.

As a verb- come down or flow in large quantity, fall like rain on something/someone

Reign Examples

– During the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the UK, India was struggling for freedom.

– The Mughals reigned in India before the Britishers.

– The revolution in technology is followed by a reign of terror. 

– The Roman Empire was reigned by Julius Caesar.

-Chaos reigns supremely in the house when there are small kids. 

Rein Examples

– She tried to rein her emotions after listening to such mournful news.

– The rider fastened the rein to the horse carefully

– Given free rein, he would have worked for students’ welfare.

– Practice yoga to rein your scattered thoughts.

– He is the eldest and has full rein on his family.

Rain Examples

– Peacock loves to dance in the rain.

– It is going to rain heavily today

– Tears rained down his cheeks while chopping onions.

– If it were raining noodles, I would go out with the fork.

– The streets are waterlogged due to hefty rains.

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