Difference Between Precis Writing & Summary Writing

This article will give out the difference between Precis and Summary, important for candidates appearing for various competitive exams. 

Candidates preparing for various Government exams such as Bank, RRB, RBI, SSC, IBPS etc. must go through the summary and Precis differences as questions based on these are asked in the descriptive section of these exams.

What is a Summary?

Summaries are a brief record of all main points expressed in any piece of writing or article. 

What is Precis?

Precis is a small miniature of any article or writing that gives only the absolute main point of that article. 

Precis VS Summary
Go through the detailed comparison of Precis and Summary given below:

Difference Between Summary And Precis
Precis  Summary
A small replica or a model of any passage or article Shortened description of any passage or article
Precis must have an apt heading The heading is not so important but reference to the original sources should be mentioned as (‘A summary of …’)
It always maintains the order of the original piece and is always in written format Not specifically have to maintain the order and can be written as well as spoken
Only the absolute essential points are mentioned in a Precis Covers all the important points in the briefest form, mentioned in a piece of writing
It uses the same tone and mood (as given in the writing piece) to express the idea. i.e. it retains the original idea and voice of the given piece of writing, article or anything This is expressed in the readers or listeners’ own words. It omits details and does not include the interpretation as originally mentioned in the article, writing, speech etc.
In a Precis, the reader reads a piece of information and has to extract the main idea that is being talked about. In summary, the reader or listener decides what are the main points that need to be expressed from the given piece.
A precis as is a replica of the original message must mention the conclusion as well.  A summary does not need a conclusion unless the original piece ends with an important message
Maintains the keywords, Data and Concept from the source This expresses the main idea of each paragraph and evidence in support of that idea from the original source

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