Difference between Phrase and Clause for English Language

In this article, candidates will know the difference between Phrase and Clause that holds relevance for the objective as well as descriptive English section of various competitive exams.

Aspirants of Government exams are advised to read the article on phrase and clause difference carefully as English is a part of the syllabus of most of the government examinations. 

Both clause and phrase are a part of a sentence but are different from each other, and this article will explain the phrase vs clause in detail.

What Is a Phrase?

A group of two or more words in a sentence related to each other or acting as a single unit but does not have a subject or a predicate.

What Is a Clause?

These are also a group of words in a sentence that have a subject and a predicate (or verb).

Phrase VS Clause

Read the detailed Comparison of phrase and Clause given below –

Difference Between Phrase & Clause
Phrase Clause
A group of words standing together as a conceptual unit and do not have a subject and a verb. A grammatical arrangement that contains a set of words having a subject and a verb. 
Phrase is component of a clause.  Clause is a component of a complete sentence.
Each word of a phrase has a meaning but collectively it does not form complete sense like a sentence. i.e. it does not give a complete meaning when standalone. Clause gives complete meaning and can even be a complete sentence when standalone.
A part of sentence without the two parts of speech i.e. Sentence and Predicate and  (does not convey any idea). A part of sentence having the two parts of speech i.e. Subject and Predicate (gives complete idea).
Phrase Example – 

  • Fish Swims in the water.
  • She is sleeping on the floor.
  • They will meet at the concert.
  • Over the horizon.
  • She is sketching on the wall.
Clause Example – 

  • Fish Swims in the water.
  • She is sleeping on the floor.
  • They will meet at the concert.
  • He smiled.
  • She is sketching on the Wall.

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