Difference Between Affect And Effect For English Language

The difference between Affect and Effect is important for candidates appearing for various competitive exams, as the two words are easy to mix up and candidates may end up scoring fewer marks in the English section. 

The English Language forms an important part of the syllabus of most of the Government exams like SSC, RRB, Bank, Insurance etc. Hence, aspirants of the same must go through the Affect and Effect difference carefully so that they do not make mistakes related to it in the examination. 

Therefore, the article aims to provide a clear comparison between ‘Affect and Effect’ with examples.

Difference Between Affect & Effect

Affect and Effect are similar sounding words with different meaning and spelling. They are a part of Homophones. Candidates can go through more similar sounding words given in the list of Homonyms, Homophones and Homographs page. 

What is Affect?

The meaning of Affect is to influence. It is a verb and means to make a difference to or impact something in some way.

What is the Effect?

The Effect is a noun. It is a change that is the result of some action or some other cause. 

The clarity between Affect Vs Effect can be gained by going through the difference table given below:

Difference Between Affect And Effect
Affect Effect
To act on something to cause a change is Affect When something is done, the change that results is Effect
Affect is a verb. It is the action performed The effect is a noun. It is the result of the action performed
It is used to produce or influence a change in something. The effect is used when one thing affects another and later can feel its effect on itself. 
Affect Examples:

  • The cyclone Amphan affected citizens within 50 miles of the state.
  • Winning the certificate had affected her performance in work.
  • The medicine will affect her stomach ache for at least an hour.
  • Everything in the universe is affected by Gravity.
  • A teacher affects students in a positive way.
Effect Examples:

  • The effects of cyclone Amphan were devastating.
  • The certificate of appreciation had an effect on her performance and confidence.
  • She will feel the effect of the medicine in the next 15 minutes.
  • Nothing in-universe can escape the effect of gravity.
  • The teacher had a positive effect on the students.

In simple words, when you affect something, you cause an effect to it. One is an action done while the other is the result of that action. 

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