Yolk Vs Yoke - Difference With Examples

The words Yolk vs Yoke sound similar and often confuse candidates preparing for various competitive exams. Candidates must learn the difference between yolk and yoke in order to fetch good marks in the vocabulary part of the examinations. 

Aspirants of Government exams such as SSC, RRB, Insurance, Bank etc must go through the difference between yolk vs yoke carefully as questions on vocabulary for general English forms a part of both objectives as well as descriptive sections of these exams. 

The article aims to provide clarity to candidates on Yolk vs Yoke with definition and examples.

Yolk Vs Yoke Difference

Yolk Vs Yoke Differences

Yolk and Yoke do sound similar but are not the exact homophones, candidates can go through the list of Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs given with example sentences. 

Check the table of difference between Yolk and Yoke for clarification:

Difference between Yolk Vs Yoke
Yolk Yoke
Yolk is a noun and can never be a verb Yoke can be both noun and a verb
Yolk is the yellow part of the egg.

It is the only ever noun.

Yoke as a noun is a wooden tool used to join two livestock at the neck so that they can work together. 

As a verb yoke describes the act of joining things together

Sometimes, yoke is also used metaphorically to refer to something that is oppressive. 

Yolk Example:

  • He spilt all the yolk on his friend’s t-shirt.
  • She loves to eat her bread dipped in egg yolk.
  • Whenever I try to fry eggs, I end up breaking the yolk.
Yoke Example

The Farmer tied the bullocks with Yoke and plowed the field. (noun)

You have to yoke the oxen to put them to work. (verb)

We have to fight against the yoke of tyranny. (used metaphorically).

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