Difference Between Principal Vs Principle For General English

The difference between Principal and Principle is important to learn not only if you are preparing for any competitive exam but for regular vocab improvement. 

Principal vs Principle, the easy-to-confuse-words are a pair of homophones, questions based on which forms a part of the general English section of various Government exams like, SSC, RRB, Bank, etc. 

The article will spotlight the difference between principal and principle with definitions and examples so that aspirants can get it correct and fetch good marks in various competitive exams. 

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Principal Vs Principle - Difference

Principal Vs Principle With Example

The word Principle and principal are a pair of homophones that sounds similar but their meaning and usage are different. Candidates can check the list of homophones, homonyms and homographs for more such similar words along with examples for clarifications. 

Both Principal and principle have entered the English language from Old French, they can be traced Latin word – primus in English Prime. Go through the table of difference between Principle and principal for detailed clarification.

Principal VS Principle – Difference
Principal Principle
Originates from Latin word – ‘principalis’ meaning chief, first. Originates from Latin word ‘principium’ meaning starting, basis, origin, beginning etc.
Can be both noun and adjective The principle can only be a noun
As a noun – the principal is the head or an important person of an organisation.

As an adjective – the principal is primary, chief leading, etc. 

Also as a noun – it is a term used in Finance and Law referring to the loan amount and the main person responsible for the crime, respectively. 

As a noun – Principle means legal rule or standard, scientific rule, natural or moral belief, etc.
Principal Examples

  • Invasion of Poland by Hitler was the principal cause if World war II
  • Mrs Peter is the new Principal of the School
  • How much did you repay on the principal of your loan?
  • River Cauvery is the principal water source for this city.
  • She was felicitated with the Student of the Year award by the Principal of the college.
Principle Examples

  • He a man of principles and will never support you for this heist
  • Learning principles of Physics for is important for conceptual clarity
  • Everything in the universe follows the principle of gravity.
  • The principles of management are given by Henry Fayol
  • As a matter of principles, Mista will never reveal the shared secret. 

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