Prepositions Questions & Answers For English Grammar

Practising exercise on Prepositions Questions and Answers is imperative to fetch good marks in the verbal ability/English language section of various competitive exams. 

English is an important part of the syllabus of most of the Government exams such as SSC, RRB, Bank, LIC and UPSC as well. Hence, candidates willing to appear for any of these examinations are advised to read through the exercise on prepositions questions and answers carefully.

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The prepositions questions and answers given in this article are taken from previous year papers, hence, going through the given preposition exercise, candidates will get familiarize with the variety and scope of prepositions questions asked in the examination. 

Candidates can also download the prepositions questions in the PDF format along with answers for practice.

Prepositions Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Exercise-Prepositions Questions And Answers 

Candidates will get 20 practice questions on prepositions on this page, but before heading to the preposition exercise candidates shall check out the Rules for Prepositions in English grammar.

Also, check the important list of prepositions for a quick revision. 

Directions (1-20) Given below are statements with blank and four options. You are required to fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions or set of prepositions given in the options.

Q1. Reshma travelled ____ her father all ___ the world when she was 12 years old.

  1. With, around
  2. By, above
  3. With, over
  4. For, around

Q.2. When Mom will serve the dinner, get the books ____ the table.

  1. From
  2. Off
  3. Of
  4. Out

Q.3. My Fathers-in-law lives ___ Stanley Road. 

  1. At
  2. On
  3. By
  4. In

Q.4. The hosts were happy ___ our visit ___ their home.

  1. On, to
  2. For, in
  3. With, in
  4. With, to

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Q.5. She was relieved ___ the pain after the effect of medicines.

  1. Off
  2. From
  3. Of
  4. With

Q.6. The manager has no supportive facts to speak ___.

  1. On
  2. Of
  3. For
  4. About

Q.7. They think that Sherry just drove ___ them.

  1. From
  2. Through
  3. On
  4. Past

Q.8. He saw a cat crawling ___ the fence, he took it to school ____ him.

  1. Under, with
  2. With, along
  3. In, by
  4. By, with

Q.9. The river Saraswati flows ____ India is the oldest river ___ the country.

  1. In, of
  2. Through, for
  3. Over, in
  4. Through, of

Q.10. People judge us by our actions, ____ we judge ourselves ___ our thoughts.

  1. Whereas, by
  2. While, for
  3. For, on
  4. And, over 

To ace the verbal ability section of any competitive exam, it is important to have a clear conceptual knowledge of relevant English topics covered in the syllabus. Hence, for candidates assistance, given below is the detailed video explanation on the Preposition rules in English grammar, their usage and application. Candidates can go through the video on Preposition rules to understand the rules much better and to attempt the questions on prepositions with more accuracy-

English Grammar - Prepositions

Q.11. Welcome ____! We are delighted to work ___ you.

  1. In, for
  2. Aboard, with
  3. For, for
  4. Because, with

Q.12. ___ centuries, the pictures of animals are ____ painted.

  1. Since, —
  2. About, been
  3. For, being
  4. Since, being

Q.13. In the forest, the bat flew low ___ their heads.

  1. On
  2. Up
  3. Over
  4. Above

English questions are less tricky but time taking, hence candidates can master them with regular practice and fetch good scores in the section. Candidates can check out a few important English topics given below:

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For more such topics, visit the General English for competitive exams page. 

Q.14. To save itself ___ predators, animals ____ the part of their body at will and this is known as autotomy.

  1. From, leave
  2. With, cut off
  3. By, shed
  4. From, cast off

Q.15. We haven’t seen her ___ last year, ___ she shifted to boston?

  1. Since, has
  2. From, did
  3. In, is
  4. For, has

Q.16. You have to ___ the book, it ____ 5 sections.

  1. Read, consists
  2. Go through, comprises
  3. Get through, comprises of
  4. To read, consists of

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Q.17. A preface ___ a book introduces the book. 

  1. Of
  2. For
  3. To
  4. In

Q.18.  It seems that democracy has succeeded in India if you ___ by people’s perception.

  1. Follow
  2. Read
  3. Go
  4. Plan

Q.19. The Penguins, _____ is a friendly animal, is a native of Antarctica.

  1. That
  2. Which
  3. It
  4. Who

Q.20. The father was anxious ___ the safety of his daughter and said, ‘I’ll be with you ___ a minute.

  1. For, for
  2. On, within
  3. Over, at
  4. About, in

Candidates can check the answers to the Prepositions questions in the PDF attached below.

20 Prepositions Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Video – Prepositions Rules in English Language – Part 4
The video given below will discuss the type of questions asked in the English section of competitive exams and will also give the strategies to take-up those questions.

English Grammar - Prepositions (2)

The video on prepositions rules and concepts has more parts, to access the other parts candidates need to watch the video given above.

Prepositions questions and answers are asked in the form of fill in the blanks as given above. Practicing exercise on prepositions questions will enable candidates to deal with the questions in the English section of various competitive exams with relative ease. 

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For further queries. Details or assistance in preparation visit BYJU’S.

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