Difference between Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Plants

On the basis of their lifespan, plants are divided into three categories: annula, biennial and perennial plants. A plant’s lifespan begins with seed germination and completes when it bears flowers and fruits. Let us look at the differences between them.

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Annual Plants

Biennial Plants

Perennial Plants


Annual plants complete their life cycle in one year.

Biennial plants complete their life cycle in two years.

Perennial plants continue to live up to more than two years.


Mustard, watermelon, lettuce

Carrot, cabbage, onions

Mango, coconut, banana


They germinate, grow, bear fruits and flowers, and die off in the same year.

They germinate, grow leaves and stems in the first year. In the second year, they bear flowers and fruits.

They continue to bear flowers and fruits for several seasons after growth.

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Is rose an annual, biennial or perennial?

Roses are perennial plants.

Is lavender annual or perennial?

Lavender is a perennial herb.

Is carrot a biennial plant?

Carrots are biennial plants.

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