CBSE Notes Class 10 Political Science

In Class 9, you were mainly introduced to some basic ideas, institutions and rules of democracy. This year the focus shifts from the institutions to the process. The CBSE Notes for Class 10 Political Science will introduce you to how democracy works in practice and what can be expected of it.

Here we have compiled the chapter wise CBSE Notes of Class 10 Political Science subject. These notes will provide an overview of each chapter and help you understand each topic. The notes are created by the experts and provide a summary of each chapter in a short and concise format.

CBSE Notes for Class 10 Political Science (Civics)

The Class 10 textbook: Democratic Politics II has a total of 8 chapters. Students can get the chapter wise CBSE Notes Class 10 Political Science by accessing the links below. Also, they can download these notes in pdf so that they can read them offline as well.

We have compiled History, Geography, Political Science and Geography notes at one place. You can access them by visiting CBSE Class 10 Social Science Notes at BYJU’S.

Benefits of Studying from CBSE Class 10 Political Science Notes

  1. Notes provide a brief of all the topics of a particular chapter of Political Science subject.
  2. These notes will work as the best revision resource during board exams.
  3. CBSE notes provide a good grip and a clear insight into all the important topics.
  4. It saves your time during exam preparation.
  5. These notes will help you to understand the chapters in a more effective way.

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