CBSE Plans to Introduce Encrypted Question Paper to Prevent Paper Leaks

CBSE Plans to Introduce Encrypted Question Paper From 2020 Board Exam

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) plans to introduce encrypted question papers to 2020 board exam students. This step has been taken to prevent question paper leaks. Board has also increased the number of encrypted question papers to avoid cases to cheating. CBSE has decided that the encrypted question paper will be provided to class 10 and class 12 board exam students from this year onwards.

CBSE has tested a pilot project by providing the encrypted question paper to students during the pre-examination. Upon successful run of the project, CBSE has introduced the encrypted question paper for the CBSE 2020 board exam. Anurag Tripathi, CBSE secretary informed that 25 subjects will have encrypted question papers in the CBSE 2020 board exam.

By providing the encrypted question paper, the problem of transportation of papers will get resolved. Thus, the chances of question paper leaks will get considerably reduced. Instead of transporting the question paper to the exam centres, CBSE will now send the encrypted question paper through email, directly to the respective exam centres. The paper will be printed at the examination centre by entering the passcode. The board will ensure all facilities such as a printing machine to be available to the exam centre.

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