Nature and Significance of Principles of Management

Meaning of Management:

Management is required for an established life and essential to managing all types of management. Sound management is the fortitude of thriving companies. Managing life implies getting everything done to accomplish life’s aspirations and maintaining an establishment means getting everything done with and by other people to deliver its objectives.

Nature of Principles of Management:

By nature is intended conditions and aspects. Principles are universal declarations, which are appropriate when specific circumstances are present. These have been explained on the principle of research and trial and error as well as the personal backgrounds of the managers. The following points sum the nature of the principles of management:

  • Universal relevance: Principles of management are expected to employ to all types of establishments, the industry as well as non-industry, small as well large, private sector as well as public sector, production as well as the services divisions. However, the scope of their applicability would diversify with the nature of the industry, business activity, scale of operations etc.,
  • General rules: The laws are the regulations to work but do not give readymade, simple clarifications to all administrative issues. This is so because real-time business conditions are difficult and powerful and are a consequence of many factors.
  • Formed by practice and trial and error method: The principles of management are determined by wisdom and accumulated knowledge of managers as well as experimentation. For instance, it is a subject of current knowledge that the system is necessary for achieving any goal. This principle gains name in the management system.

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The significance of Principles of Management:

The significance of principles of management can be discussed in terms of the following points:

  • Providing managers with useful insights into reality:The principles of management present the managers with valuable insights into real world circumstances. Adherence to these policies will supplement their education, capability and perception of managerial conditions and circumstances.
  • Optimum utilisation of resources and efficient management: Both material and human resources are obtainable with the firm are restricted. They have to be placed to best use. By the best utilisation, the resources must be put to utilisation in such a way that they should give the most profit with minimum cost. Principles provide the managers to predict and influence relationships of their choices and activities.

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