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5 Evening Habits for Success in UPSC

UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in the country. Each day of your preparation will be a challenge and there are certain things which you do will help you reach your goal much easily.

Each day when you start with your preparation you will get a new insight on your journey. It is important that you observe along the way, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Focusing on an effective start is important, be it a game of football, your IAS exam or life in general. Ending the game on a good note is also equally important. Establishing good evening habits is almost as important as establishing good morning habits.

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Evening Routine for UPSC Aspirants

  • Prepare for the next day: Having a well organised plan can really benefit the tasks that you have set for the day. It is difficult to remember all the things you need to do, and that’s why you should write them all down in a journal or a to-do list. Successful IAS aspirants know the importance of a well-planned day as this allows them to enjoy themselves in the evening. So before you go to bed, grab a planner or a notebook and write down your 3 most important goals for tomorrow. Be honest with yourself in setting the right amount of time to achieve each individual goal.
  • Allow yourself to unwind: It is essential for your well being that you unwind before the day comes to an end. Meditation and yoga are really helpful for your body and mind because their routines introduce a series of breathing exercises that help you connect to your untapped energy. It helps you quiet your mind, relax your body, and after practising for some time you might be able to feel more connected to the world outside your own.
  • Go for a walk: After a long day, it is crucial for you to go out and get your body moving. I am sure you have heard this many times, but taking a walk in the woods (or anywhere) can really benefit your body, mind, spirit, and boost your self confidence to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order for you to be more productive in your endeavors, you need to make sure you include a little walk- time in your routine.

Daily News

  • Read a good book: Successful people read everyday. They all know the importance of educating themselves every single day in order to achieve better results in their professional and personal lives. By reading, I don’t mean your textbooks as that you already do throughout the day. Reading good literature is absolutely essential to your well being.  Reading will not only make you more likely to succeed, but if you do it before going to bed, it can really help you to reduce stress and progressively calm you down. It is also really useful for improving your creative cognitive thinking.
  • Identify your three biggest rocks: It will be very easy to get sidetracked from your vision if you don’t have a plan. You need to know what’s important so that you don’t just do busy work instead of doing effective work. Identifying your three biggest rocks (difficult tasks) for the next day allows you to head into the day with much clarity and direction. To determine your biggest rocks, ask yourself, If I don’t get anything else done tomorrow, what are the three biggest and most effective tasks that could move me closer to my goals? Answering this question will allow you to take your big goal and break it down into manageable daily tasks, which will prevent any potential diversion from your big goal. For you it could be any subject or topic from your UPSC syllabus. Set a daily alarm to write out your three biggest rocks for the next day before going to be bed.

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