Best Books for Civil Services Mains Exam- English

Here, we bring a list of best books to refer to prepare for the English Compulsory paper of UPSC Civil Service (Main) Exam.

Compulsory English Book for IAS

Best books for the preparation of English Paper for Civil Services Main Exam:

Book Name: Compulsory English
A P Bhardwaj 

The Compulsory English Book comes handy to IAS Aspirants preparing for the Civil Services Main Exam. It is highly recommended to aspirants who want to learn Compulsory English of the UPSC Mains Exam.

This book will be an asset for UPSC Exams and other competitive exams. 

Key Feature:

This book contains sufficient explanation of concepts with examples that will make the learning process easier for aspirants’. 

Book Name: Contemporary Essays For Civil Services Examinations
Ramesh Singh

This book provides gives an insight on writing excellent essays. This book is highly recommended to IAS Aspirants. 

Key Features:

  • It is considered as prerequisites of a good essay.
  • The book provides introductory write-up on the art of essay writing
  • This book provides a reference to vital government data and documents in most essays
  • The topics in the book are meticulously designed to the present situation that will meet the aid the aspirants’ in their preparation. 

Book Name: UPSC Civil Services Main Exam – Indian Society: A General Overview 1st Edition
Author Name: B. Ramaswamy

This book will aid the UPSC Aspirants to understand the formation of Indian Society and its cultures and contains all the details of Indian Society.

Key Features:

The book contains in-depth information about Indian Society and topics like

  • Salient features of Indian society, diversity of India
  • Role of women and women’s organization, effects of globalization on Indian society, social empowerment, communalism, regionalism and secularism
  • Population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues, urbanization, their problems and their remedies 

Book Name: Unique Quintessence of a Compendium of Essays
Author Name: J K Chopra

This book is regarded as one of the best essay books for the UPSC Mains Exam Preparation.

Key Features:

  • The book consists of 120 essays.
  • Covers political, economic, social and other topics
  • Gives a decent idea to the students about essay writing
  • This book also contains solved previous years civil services question papers

Book Name: The Vault of Essay
Author Name: Yagya Nand Jha

This is all about UPSC Exams and contains topics that cover almost all the sections of the civil services exam. It is highly recommended to IAS Aspirants to go through this book to get a good hold on the essay writing. 

Key Features:

This book covers Essays on topics like-

  • Political & Economic Issues
  • National & International Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Science-Tech, Environmental & Ecological Issues
  • Philosophical & Quotation Based Issues
  • Cultural Issues & Personalities

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