What is BoBBLE?

Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment (BoBBLE) tries to determine, quantify and model ocean-atmosphere interactions that drive variability in the South Asian monsoon. The Bay of Bengal (BoB) plays a fundamental role in controlling the weather systems that make up the South Asian summer monsoon system.

It is a joint India-UK project.

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How is BoBBLE carried out?

An observational campaign is carried out in the Bay of Bengal along with the analysis of wider observational and reanalysis-based data sets, and a set of hierarchical modelling experiments.

What would be the result of the Experiment?

The study would improve the understanding of the role of thermodynamic surface and mixed layer processes in the monsoon as well as the role of large-scale ocean structure, ocean dynamics and ocean biogeochemistry in the monsoon.

What is BOBMEX?

The Indian Climate Research Programme carried out its first observational research programme on monsoon and climate-related concerns during July-August 1999 called the Bay of Bengal Monsoon Experiment (BOBMEX).

BOBMEX was aimed at measurements of important variables of the atmosphere, ocean, and their interface to gain deeper insight into some of the processes that govern the variability of organized convection over the bay.

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