When did Japan join Malabar Exercise?

Malabar Exercise was a Bilateral Naval exercise conducted annually between India and USA. The exercise began in the year 1992. Japan joined the Malabar Exercise in the year 2007. Japan became a permanent member of the Malabar Exercise in the year 2015. Past Permanent members of Malabar Exercise were Australia and Singapore. The annual exercise is conducted over a period of 10 days. The objective is to address shared threats and improve relations between the participating nations.

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What is Joint Naval Exercise?

It is a Naval exercise conducted between Navies of nations, to improve co-operation, interoperability between the Navies of respective countries. Indian Navy holds multiple Joint Naval Exercises with different countries.

Below table gives details on Joint Naval Exercises conducted by India

Name of Joint Naval Exercise Participating Nations
Malabar Exercise India, USA, Japan are permanent members of this exercise. Sometimes they are joined by Navies of Australia, Singapore etc. Started in 1992. It is usually held in the Bay of Bengal or off the coast of Japan. The last exercise was held in the Philippines Sea in the year 2019.
INDRA Exercise India and Russia. It is a bi-annual bilateral exercise which began in 2003.
Varuna Exercise India and France. It is an annual exercise usually held in the Indian Ocean or Meditteranean Sea. The last exercise was held in 2019, off the coast of Goa.
Milan Exercise First held in 1995. It is a biennial Multilateral event. The last exercise was held in 2018, had a participation of 16 countries. It is usually held in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
IBSAMAR It is a maritime exercise held by India, South Africa, and Brazil.
SIMBEX India and Singapore. Held annually since 1994.
SLINEX India and Sri Lanka. The first exercise took place in 2004.

Which Countries Participated in the 23rd edition of Maritime Malabar Exercise 2019?

India, Japan and the USA are the participating countries in this trilateral exercise. The 23rd edition will be conducted off the coast of Sasebo, Japan.

Below table gives the list of participating countries and their respective ships/aircrafts

Country Ships/Aircrafts participating in the Malabar 2019 Exercise
India INS Sahyadri (Frigate)

INS Kiltan (ASW Corvette). ASW stands for Anti-Submarine Warfare

P-8I (Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance and Patrol Aircraft)

USA USS Campbell (Submarine)

P8A (Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft)

Japan JS Kaga (Helicopter Destroyer)

JS Samidare (Missile Destroyer)

Choukai and P1 (Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft)

What does RIMPAC stand for?

RIMPAC stands for Rim of the Pacific Exercise, it is the Worlds largest International Maritime Warfare Exercise conducted biennially from Honolulu, Hawaii. It is hosted by Indo-Pacific Command of the US Navy. The first RIMPAC exercise was held in 1971. The last exercise was held in 2018, which saw participation from navies of 28 countries. Indian Navy was represented by INS Sahyadri. Chilean Navy took the lead of conducting the Exercise. Chinese Navy had disinvited itself from the exercise.


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