How will the State services exam question paper be helpful in UPSC Civil Services Exam?


Most of the candidates who appear for UPSC Civil Services Examination which is conducted nation widely also take the State Civil Services Exams. This is mainly because of the similarity in the syllabus. Most of them get confused with UPSC Civil services exam and State civil services exam. But here we are giving some basic difference between UPSC Civil Services Examination and State Civil services examination which will help the candidate to know about the UPSC Civil service exam more clearly.

Who conducts?

Union Public Service Commission is the supreme authority which conducts Civil Services Examination whereas the examination for State Civil Services examination is conducted by the State Public Service Commission (SPSC). UPSC conducts exams to recruit the efficient candidates to central Government jobs in the different department while State Public Service Commission conducts exams to recruit the candidates into a specific State’s Civil Service.

How the questions differ?

The main difference in the questions of UPSC Civil Service Exam and State civil services exam is that in State Civil services exam the questions relating to a specific state’s demography, renaissance, history, culture, geography are asked. The leftover syllabus is nearly akin. In UPSC Civil Service Examination the nature of questions asked are both factual and concept based whereas in State civil service examination the nature of questions asked is facts based. In UPSC IAS Exam, an in-depth study of the subjects is prerequisite while this is not the instance with State Civil Service Examination.

How will the State services question paper be helpful in UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Candidates should read one standard book such as NCERT textbooks for each subject. This will help the candidates in the UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview. This will also help in making some unapproachable question approachable.

The questions of state civil services exam are more in factual nature. It asks all the factual type of questions like facts mentioned in government sources, date of someone’s death date, birth date etc. With the insertion of factual questions in UPSC IAS Exam, it is essential to refer the state civil service question paper. It is expected that UPSC will not ask irrelevant like in state civil services exam. But important facts in government sources should not be ignored.

Repetition of questions

By solving the state civil service examination aspirants can guess the expected questions for UPSC IAS Exam. The current affairs questions asked in state civil services exam will be useful for UPSC IAS Prelims exam preparation. Along with UPSC Previous year question paper, aspirants should go through state civil services examination.

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