Important books for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science optional for UPSC IAS Mains

Animal husbandry is a science of care of ranch creatures by people. The term can allude to the practice of selectively raising and breeding livestock to enhance the advantageous traits in animals for different utility. Aspirants who have an academic background in Agriculture, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Botany, Dairy and other related fields can opt this as their optional subjects. UPSC aspirants with no prior knowledge of this particular field should not opt for it.

The syllabus of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science includes various components. Aspirants need to do a wide and intensive reading for preparing this optional subject. Before opting candidate should go through the syllabus of Animal Husbandry and  Veterinary Science. This is important to set short-term goals to complete the optional subject in a limited time.

The UPSC released their notifications for Civil Services exam for 2017 on February 22nd. Click here to view the UPSC IAS Exam Notification 2017.

Books for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science

  • A guide on forest Entomology – Regupathy
  • A Textbook Of Animal Husbandry- G C Banerjee
  • Advanced Animal Nutrition- D. V Reddy
  • Agricultural Economics- S Subba Reddy
  • Animal husbandry & veterinary science- T.N. Palanivelu
  • Animal Husbandry- Gyan Deep Singh, Anmol Publishers
  • Animal Physiology- K. A. Goyal, Rastogi Publishing
  • Animal Physiology- Kavita Juneja, Anmol Publishers
  • Basics Of Animal Physiology- Monalisa Kar, Anmol Publishers
  • Biotech’s Dictionary Of Animal Husbandry – Daya Publishing
  • Biotechnology Expanding Horizons – B D Singh, Kalyani Publishers
  • Essentials Of Plant Breeding -Phundan Singh, Kalyani Publishers
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture Volume-1 -Arun Katyayan, Kushal Publications
  • Fundamentals Of Agriculture Volume-2 -Arun Katyayan, Kushal Publications
  • General Agriculture- Muniraj S Rathore, Jain Brothers
  • Handbook Of Agriculture, Publisher : ICAR
  • Handbook Of Animal Husbandry -Manoj Kumar Rai, Oxford Book Company
  • Horticulture At A Glance Volume II -A S Salaria, Jain Brothers
  • Indian forestry – A breakthrough approach to forest service- K. S Manikandan and S. Prabhu
  • Introduction To Agriculture – A K Vyas, Jain Brothers
  • Milk And Milk Products Technology -Subhash Biswas, Jaypee Brothers
  • Principles Of Agronomy- Yellamanda Reddy, Kalyani Publishers
  • Principles Of Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology- D V Reddy, Oxford
  • Principles Of Genetics & Animal Breeding- F H KHAN, Jaypee Brothers
  • Textbook Of Animal Diseases -Ashok Kumar, Sonali Publication


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