UPSC Medical Science Syllabus

The UPSC optional subjects list consists of 48 subjects including Medical Science. The Medical Science syllabus for IAS Exam focuses on the candidates’ understanding of the basic concepts and application of knowledge to problems faced by patients. The topics included in this subject are related to basic medical knowledge, general medicine and community medicine.

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

Candidates should choose Medical Science as an optional subject in UPSC Mains exam when they have very high competence and a strong interest in the subject so that they can easily prepare for the exam. Candidates who have studied Medical Science in their undergraduate degree or who work as doctors, biomedical engineers, nurses or pharmacists can take up this optional.

In this article, we provide you with the detailed UPSC Medical Science Syllabus and also the IAS Medical Science Syllabus PDF.

Medical Science Syllabus For UPSC

IAS Medical Science Optional Subject has 2 papers (paper I and paper II) in UPSC Mains. Each paper is of 250 marks with a total of 500 marks.

The UPSC Medical Science booklist is provided in the linked article.

Find below the UPSC Medical Science syllabus:

Syllabus Of Medical Science Optional Paper I For IAS

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -I 1

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -I 2

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -I 3

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -I 4

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Syllabus For Medical Science Optional Paper-II

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -II 1

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -II-2

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -II-3

UPSC Medical Science Syllabus- Paper -II-4

Aspirants who are doubtful about their preparation strategy for UPSC Medical Science Syllabus can check Strategy For Medical Science Optional Syllabus in the linked article.

Medical Science optional is one of the few papers in UPSC Mains which is highly specialised and hence has very few takers. Preparation can be done by studying the previous years’ papers and also taking Medical Science test series.

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