Important Books for Kashmiri Literature Optional for UPSC IAS Mains

Kashmiri is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the people in the  Kashmir Valley and Chenab regions.  The Kashmiri language has played an important role in the Bhakti movement. Aspirants are supposed to write answers in Kashmiri. They should enhance writing skill to compose good answers. Kashmiri Literature is a noticeable optional for UPSC aspirants in IAS Exam who have fair enough knowledge in this language.

Like other optional subjects, Kashmiri Literature also has two papers- Paper I and Paper II.  While Paper I deals with lineage relationship of the Kashmiri language, different theories, grammar phonology etc., Paper-II of Kashmiri Literature in UPSC Mains exam demands Intensive study of Kashmiri poetry up to the 19th Century, literary criticism and an analytical study of the short stories, novel, and drama. It is highly recommended that aspirants should read the poem, drama, and short stories in the UPSC Kashmiri Literature Syllabus at least once.

In this article, we are providing the complete list of books for Kashmiri literature optional for civil services examination

UPSC Kashmiri Literature Booklist for IAS Mains

The suggested readings for Kashmiri Literature optional paper-I & paper-II are given below:

  • Anhaar – Kashmir University Journal
  • Kasher Adbuk Tawareekh – Shafi Shouq
  • Kashir Zaban Te Adab – Cultural Academy
  • Kashiruk Grammar – Shafi Shouq
  • Kashiry Luki Beeth
  • Kashur Luki Theatre-Mohammad Subhan Bhagat
  • Marun-Ivan Ilyich
  • Mujrim by G.N. Gowhar
  • Natuk Kariv Band-Hari Krishan Kaul
  • Qk Angy Natuk, ed. Motilal Keemu
  • Razi Oedipus, tr. Naji Munawar
  • Sheraza – Cultural Academy

UPSC Kashmiri Literature Booklist:-Download PDF Here

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