Many Successful UPSC Candidates Face Disqualification

The income criterion used for rejecting the OBC this year has affected many UPSC successful candidates whose parents are assistants and clerks in banks and PSUs.

  A large number of candidates who were declared successful by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in the Civil Services Examination 2015 faced disqualification.   In the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2015 around 1,078 candidates were declared as successful.   But the DoPT has allocated service only for 902 candidates, while about 120 candidates have been found under Rejection of OBC Status in which at least 35 candidates’ parents are working in PSUs.  

Final list: The final list of candidates who face disqualification even after clearing UPSC Exam 2015 will be released shortly. And, many successful candidates who have not received service allocation and have resigned jobs in the private and public sectors are hoping for good luck while waiting for the final list.   For the first time, the new income criterion is being used for rejecting the OBC claims whose parents are clerks and assistants in banks as well as PSU employees.   The reason DoPT stated is that “they could not identify equivalent posts/class for jobs in PSU”.   On interpretation,one of the candidates said that till date the equivalence has not been recognized for any PSU and this means that from now on candidates’ parents who are employees working as assistants/clerks/drivers/peons in Banks/BSNL/NLC/any PSU cannot avail themselves of OBC reservation as the annual gross income would be more than Rs. 6 Lakh.   For an instance, a peon working in RBI would earn Rs. 7 Lakh during retirement and such PSU employment will henceforth be treated on equivalence with private employment /business and not like a government employee. Presently, about 35 candidates have not received the allocation of service based on this issue. It is to be noted that in the previous examinations of UPSC, many candidates whose parents were PSU employees with income more than Rs. 6 lakh have got the reservation and have joined government services.  

Review planned: Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) is planning to conduct a review of all those zones of PSU employees who joined the service from 1993.

Note: On September 8, 1993, the Government of India issued directives providing reservation to Other Backward Classes (OBC) in its services and posts.

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