Mental Strength Tips to Clear the UPSC Exam in First Attempt

The UPSC gives aspirants many attempts in the civil services exam. It is 6 attempts for the general category candidates. Other category candidates have more attempts with some getting unlimited number of attempts. Check the eligibility criterion regarding number of attempts here. However, it is advisable that candidates clear the exam in minimum attempts as each attempt implies more expense and passing age for the aspirants. And nothing better than cracking the UPSC exam in your first attempt itself. But clearing the tough UPSC exam in the first attempt requires apart from syllabus preparation, some mental preparation as well. Read on for mental strength tips to clear the UPSC exam in the first attempt.

Start preparing RIGHT NOW!

It is recommended that you get the exam experience beforehand. Even if you are in college and preparing for IAS exam, you can get the virtual experience of exam beforehand itself despite your ineligibility. What you should do is this. Suppose you are taking the 2019 IAS prelims. Then, you should take the 2018 prelims exam as soon as the question papers are out on the net. Take the exam with time as you would take in 2019. And, once you are done, check the answers and score yourself. This will help you get exam experience without compromising on your official number of attempts.

Develop the right attitude!

Attitude is most important when you wish to clear a competitive exam and especially one as tough as the IAS exam. Don’t have the five-year plan attitude. A lot of people think since there are 6 or 9 attempts, they can afford to be a little lax the first time around. Nothing is worse than this negativity. Prepare to crack the exam right away. This way, you will succeed in the first or at the most second attempt itself. With each attempt your zeal can come down, so make sure to have a winning attitude in the first attempt itself.

How to tackle exam fear?

Exam fever is genuine and very common. The only way to deal with it is to take as many mock tests as you can. Practice makes perfect. Experience gives confidence, and confidence can wither away fear.

Remove doubts

First attempters might have the feeling that senior players have an upper edge over them because they have studied the same thing many times over. Remember that this advantage is only slight. First attempters have the edge of having a fresh mind and more enthusiasm and this works wonders. Also, senior players might have to contend with a lot of naysayers.

Focus on one exam

You must be absolutely focused to crack the IAS exam in your first attempt. Don’t even think about things like, if not UPSC, I can try bank PO, SSC, etc. This is not a winning attitude.

Avoid getting overwhelmed

A lot of first timers get easily overwhelmed seeing the vast UPSC syllabus. They give up even before starting their preparation. Remember that bad times and good times are all phases and phases pass.

Stay clear of rumours

A very important thing is to stay clear of rumours. Don’t worry about whether optionals will be taken away or not, whether exam pattern will change or not, whether there is bias in the selection process or not, etc. Avoid giving in to gossip and focus on your UPSC preparation. Only that will bear fruits.


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