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Public Administration Preparation Strategy for UPSC

Public administration (Pub Ad for short) is an optional subject listed of UPSC IAS main examination. It is a relevant subject as it interlinked with governance and administration. This subject is not an interesting subject. But if approached with the right strategy and analysis, one can easily fetch a high score in Public Administration. The aspirants have to gain confidence and know the approach to writing answers and how to prepare for Public Administration.

Here we are giving the strategies for how to study Public Administration for IAS Mains exam. Read further to know about the useful books for Pub Ad, study approach etc. aspirants can click here to view the  IAS Public Administration Syllabus

Strategy for Public Administration Optional

Be thorough with the basic books and concepts

The Pub Ad is difficult is optional which need more analysis and hard work. The aspirants must be thorough with the basic concepts, theories, and principles. Without conceptual clarity, one cannot fetch good score in Pub Ad optional exam.

Makes short notes

The aspirants should make good notes on the topics whichever they have covered. One can make notes after 2-3 readings. Later on, you can club the topics together accordingly., like clubbing the chapters like civil services and personnel management etc. All topics are interlinked and some or in another way it will help you especially during revision. This will help you to get a comprehensive idea about the topics.

Study optional regularly

One should not ignore optional subjects. Along with General Studies, aspirants should study the optional subject on a daily basis. Daily two-three hours one should spend for the optional subject, especially for Pub Ad.

Remember quotes from thinkers

Citing quotes from thinkers and personalities in the UPSC Mains examination will help you to fetch good score in Pub Ad optional. The quotes are key to score well in Pub Ad.

Answer writing practise and Test series

It is very highly recommended by successful candidates to join test series. The test series for Pub ad optional will help you to gain new knowledge, widen the analyzing skill etc. Along with that aspirant will learn to manage the time also. This will certainly help you in a UPSC IAS Mains examination.

Previous year questions

The previous year question paper is the best sources for UPSC exam preparation. Candidates should solve at least the past four years of UPSC question paper. One has to read a question and try to frame the answer. Frame the answer like a Pub ad student by including quotes from thinkers, concepts according to the need of the question. Then, one should jot down the answer in a notebook below the question.

An approach like a Pub Ad Student

If you are a candidate who has opted Public Administration as an optional subject for IAS Mains Exam then irrespective of whether you are from the same subject background or not, it is recommended to you to approach the questions in a right method. As candidates may tend to approach this optional paper similarly as they would attempt the General Studies Papers and this would not fetch them a good score in the subject. Hence, as a Civil Services Exam beginner with the same subject background or not one should understand the question and attempt to answer the question using proper citing of theories and pub ad concepts which will definitely fetch them a good score.

Standard books for Pub Ad Paper I

  • Administrative Thinkers by  Prasad and Prasad
  • Public Administration: Administrative Theories and Concepts by Fadia & Fadia
  • Public Administration and Public Affairs 12th Edition – Nicholas Henry
  • Mohit Bhattacharya- New horizons in Public administration
  • Mohit Bhattacharya- Pub Ad A new look
  •  Public Administration: Concepts and Theories by Basu Rumki
  • IGNOU Books
  • ARC Reports

Standard books for Pub Ad Paper II

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