Reasons for Which One Should Not Take Civil Services Exam

Now that you have read enough articles on why you should become an IAS officer, here is one telling you why you shouldn’t. Dont get us wrong. We are not telling you to ‘not to take the exam’ per se. What we are telling you is not to attempt IAS exams for the wrong reason.  This article will highlight the reasons you should not give while facing UPSC Civil Service Exam interview.

Aspirants would find this article very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

Reasons Why Civil Services Exam Must Not be Attempted

If you are a UPSC civil services aspirant, you probably would be tired of hearing the question, ‘Why do you want to become an IAS officer?’ You would also have a ready-made answer for this question not just for curious friends and relatives, but also for the UPSC interview board that you would one day face.

Most IAS aspirants state  that their main motivation to become civil servants is to take an active part in ensuring the well-being of the country. Likewise, many claim they want to work towards the upliftment of the poor and the oppressed. Still others want to become change-makers in the country and to launch a crusade against corruption, nepotism and other social and economic evils that are a hindrance to the development of the nation. If you feel strongly about these issues and feel you must do something about it rather than just complain, you have chosen the right field. With the right mix of knowledge, talent and training, you can indeed bring about a positive change in the country.

Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when preparing for the UPSC Exam.

There are also other less magnanimous motives for becoming civil servants like the money, power and job security it gives. There is nothing wrong in aspiring for such things in life, but one must not be a part of the service if such reasons are the sole objective. It is fine to aspire to these things too but remember that they must not be your only intentions. Imagine all that hard work and talent being wasted just for these narrow aims. Have personal ambitions, but also use the opportunity you have been given for something that you will be remembered for years to come.

Civil servants have the power to bring about changes in people’s lives. Clearing the UPSC civil services exam requires sincere and devoted preparation for about a year. After all that work and sweat, you finally achieve your goal. Then, should all that sincerity and commitment vanish? Should you be sucked into the mire of corruption and inefficiency that is typical of Indian bureaucracy?

Jump into the IAS preparation bandwagon only if you really want to do something for the country. You don’t have to have grandiose plans and lofty ideals. You just have to do your duty with utmost sincerity and stay clear off temptations. Temptations need not be in the form of money or power. It could also be in the form of comfort – comfort in avoiding the right path in favour of the easy path.

We now give you some of the less than “ideal” reasons given by candidates that may not be in the best interests of the country they would pledge to serve:

  1. It is my parents’ wish to see me as an IAS/IPS officer
  2. I can earn a lot of money
  3. I can get a lot of perks in the form of a house, servants, car, etc.
  4. I will have authority
  5. I can get sky-high dowry (Yes, you read that right. People have actually said this!)

The reasons given above are just one of many that are on the lines of being selfish and greedy.The civil services is a calling, not a profession. But even if you look at it as a profession, it is okay. Only remember to maintain professional integrity. You will get a lot of benefits in the form of salary, perks, etc. when you become civil servants. But make sure to use your power for society and country as well.

The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2021.

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