What is Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Syrian Refugee crisis is the result of the ongoing civil war in Syria which started in 2011. As per the available data of 2016, once the civil war began in Syria, more than 6 million Syrians were internally displaced and around 5 million Syrians had crossed into other countries. Majority of the Syrians who crossed borders sought refuge in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt.

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What Caused the Syrian Civil War and Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Syrian civil war was the result of the 2010-11 Arab Spring uprisings in few countries located in and around West Asia and Northern Africa. Citizens of Syria revolted against Syrian Government led by Bashar Al Assad. This problem was compounded with the rise of terrorist organisations like ISIS which controlled large swathes of land in Syria. This resulted in full fledged war involving, Syrian Army, Iran, Russian, USA, Kurd’s (fighters demanding separate Kurdistan), US backed Rebel groups, and ISIS. This resulted in a massive humanitarian crisis in Syria which is continuing till date from 2011.

As Per UNHCR which is the Largest Refugee Crisis in the World?

As per the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Syrian refugee crisis is the largest refugee crisis in the world.

  1. In Lebanon and Jordan, at least 70% of the Syrian refugees are living below the poverty line.
  2. Syrian refugees are living in overcrowded rooms without privacy, electricity and water.
  3. Those still living in Syria have no means to support their families as the entire infrastructure and services has been completely destroyed.

Who are Kurds in Syria?

Kurds are the largest ethnic minority of Syria. Kurds have established a self governing region in Northeastern Syria. Majority of Syrian Kurds speak Kurmanji. As of 2011, Kurds made up around 7 to 10 percent of Syrian population. The Kurdish population in Syria is relatively smaller in size compared to Turkey, Iraq and Iran.


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