UPSC 2017: Comprehensive News Analysis - November 06


A. GS1 Related
B. GS2 Related
1. Supreme Court, High Court judges get DA hike
2. Centre plans to set up more commercial courts
1. India-Ukraine panel meeting falls through
2. Parliamentary panel studying Doklam issue
3. Quadrilateral Meet That Includes India Should Not Hurt Us, Says China
C. GS3 Related
1. GST council likely to lower 28% tax on some common-use items
2. Banaganapalle mangoes get GI tag
1. Navy to use U.S. aircraft launch system in ship
D. GS4 Related
E. Prelims Fact
F. UPSC Prelims Practice Questions
G. UPSC Mains Practice Questions 


A. GS1 Related

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B. GS2 Related

Category: POLITY

1. Supreme Court, High Court judges get DA hike

In news:

  • The dearness allowance of judges of the Supreme Court and the 24 High Courts has been increased to 139% with effect from July 1 “at the same rates as are admissible to the members of the all-India service”.
  • The judges have been given the DA hike based on the 6th Pay Commission as two bills to provide them the benefits of the Seventh Pay Commission are pending approval of the Union Cabinet.

2. Centre plans to set up more commercial courts

In news:

  • The Union government has proposed to establish commercial courts in districts to further improve the parameters.
  • The government is proposing amendments to facilitate the establishment of commercial courts, at the district level, in places where the High Courts have ordinary original civil jurisdiction.
  • Legal remedy to commercial disputes and enforcement of business contracts are parameters of the World Bank ranking.
  • In terms of ease of enforcing contracts, India jumped from 172 to 164.
  • The specified value of commercial disputes would be brought down so as to expand the scope of commercial adjudication effectively and expeditiously.

Varying performance

  • India’s performance has been varied within the legal framework.
  • For example, the World Bank’s ranking marked “court system and proceedings in India” 4.5 out of a total of 5, but in management of cases, it was 1.5 out of 6.
  • India also fared well in alternative dispute redress mechanism and scored 2.5 out of a total of 3 marks.


1. India-Ukraine panel meeting falls through

In news:

  • A scheduled meeting of the India-Ukraine Inter-Governmental Commission on November 1 was cancelled at the last moment despite all preparations for the event, including a draft protocol agreement on expanding bilateral ties being in place.
  • Meeting was cancelled at the last moment due to a “scheduling problem”.
  • Both the sides have prepared a draft protocol covering commercial and cultural ties that will be signed during the rescheduled meeting.
  • Inter-Governmental Commission is likely to give a new political orientation to bilateral ties which will also cover defence and political issues of mutual interest.
  • Over the last year, India has held detailed talks with Ukraine which is fighting a war with Russia for several years. Russia too has reached out to Pakistan holding military exercise with Pakistani anti terror units.

2. Parliamentary panel studying Doklam issue

In news:

  • The Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs plans to submit a comprehensive report on China-India ties next year and is looking at the “extremely topical” Doklam issue.
  • The panel wanted to take a comprehensive look at the India-China ties by understanding their trade and political relations, cooperation in international bodies and the Chinese attitude on India’s membership bid for the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), on terrorism and Pakistan among other aspects.

3. Quadrilateral Meet That Includes India Should Not Hurt Us, Says China

Key Points:

  • China has hoped that a US-brokered quadrilateral meet that includes India, Japan and Australia is not aimed at China and would “comply with the trend of times” which it identified as peace, development, and cooperation.
  • Washington was keen to have India, Japan, and Australia on board for a “productive” engagement, while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is likely to propose the same arrangement between the four powers when President Donald Trump visits Tokyo on Monday.
  • India has responded positively to the proposal, saying it has “an open mind to cooperate with countries with convergence but obviously on an agenda which is relevant to us”.
  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it has noted the development and hopes that such an arrangement will promote mutual trust among countries in the region and not harm Beijing’s interests.
  • The US, India, Japan and Australia have growing concerns over China’s increasing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region and its ambitious Belt and Road connectivity project.


C. GS3 Related

Category: ECONOMY

1. GST council likely to lower 28% tax on some common-use items


  • GST council meet

In news:

  • Expected changes: The Goods and Services Tax Council may consider lowering tax rates on goods such as handmade furniture, plastic products and daily-use items like shampoo, and simplify return filing rules.
  • The Council, headed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, will meet on November 10 to consider lowering the 28% rate on certain common-use items.
  • The panel is likely to rationalise the tax rate in sectors where the total incidence of taxation has gone up because the goods were earlier either exempt from excise or attracted lower VAT rates in the previous indirect tax regime.

2. Banaganapalle mangoes get GI tag

In news:

  • The famous Banaganapalle mangoes of Andhra Pradesh and Tulaipanji rice of West Bengal are among the seven commodities that have been granted Geographical Indication (GI) this fiscal year by the Indian patent office.
  • The other five products which have received the GI tag this year include Pochampally Ikat of Telangana; Gobindobhog rice of West Bengal; Durgi stone carvings and Etikoppaka toys of Andhra Pradesh; and Chakshesang shawl of Nagaland

About GI:

  • A GI is primarily an agricultural, natural or a manufactured product (handicrafts and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory.
  • Typically, such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness, which is essentially attributable to the place of its origin.
  • Darjeeling tea, Tirupati laddu, Kangra paintings, Nagpur orange and Kashmir pashmina are among the registered GIs in India.
  • This tag gave protection to the producer of these genuine products, which commanded premium pricing in the markets, both domestic and international.
  • Once the GI protection is granted, no other producer can misuse the name to market similar products. It also provides comfort to customers about the authenticity of that product


1. Navy to use U.S. aircraft launch system in ship


D. GS4 Related

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F. Practice Questions for UPSC Prelims Exam

Question 1. In India, which one of the following states has the largest inland saline wetland?
  1. Gujarat
  2. Haryana
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Rajasthan


Question 2. The river most mentioned in early Vedic literature is:
  1. Sindhu
  2. Sutudri
  3. Sarasvati
  4. Ganga


Question 3. The balance of payments of a country is a systematic record of
  1. All import and export transactions of a country during a given period of time, normally a year
  2. Goods exported from a country during a year
  3. Economic transaction between the government of one country to another
  4. Capital movements from one country to another


Question 4. Which of the following constitute Capital Account?
  1. Foreign Loans
  2. Foreign Direct Investment
  3. Private Remittances
  4. Portfolio Investment

Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

  1. 1, 2 and 3
  2. 1, 2 and 4
  3. 2, 3 and 4
  4. 1, 3 and 4


Question 5. Consider the following statement with reference to Cartosat-2 series 
satellite, which was launched recently by ISRO
  1. Cartosat-2 is a remote sensing satellite.
  2. Cartosat-2 will be used for Land Information Systems (LIS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.
  3. Cartosat-2 is a weather forecasting satellite.

Identify the correct statement.

  1. 1 only
  2. 2 only
  3. 1 and 3
  4. 1 and 2




G. UPSC Mains Practice Questions

GS Paper II
  1. Discuss impact of globalization on higher education in India.
GS Paper III
  1. Discuss India’s achievements in the field of Space Science and Technology. How the application of this technology has helped India in its socio-economic development?
GS Paper IV
  1. You are the Executive Director of an upcoming InfoTech Company which is making a name for itself in the market.
    Mr. A, who is a star performer, is heading the marketing team. In a short period of one year, he has helped in doubling the revenues as well as creating a high brand equity for the Company so much so that you are thinking of promoting him. However, you have been receiving information from many corners about his attitude towards the female colleagues; particularly his habit of making loose comments on women. In addition, he regularly sends indecent SMS’s to all the team members including his female colleagues.
    One day, late in the evening, Mrs. X, who is one of Mr. A’s team members, comes to you visibly disturbed. She complains against the continued misconduct of Mr. A, who has been making undesirable advances towards her and has even tried to touch her inappropriately in his cabin. She tenders her resignation and leaves your office.
    a) What are the options available to you?
    b) Evaluate each of these options and choose the option you would adopt, giving reasons.
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