7 August 2019: UPSC Exam PIB Summary & Analysis

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NHRC National Level Review Meeting on Mental Health


  • A day-long NHRC National Level Review Meeting on Mental Health concluded at India International centre, New Delhi, highlighting several issues to bridge the gap between the legislation and its implementation.
  • It was necessary to evaluate the ground realities post-implementation of Mental Healthcare Act, 2017.

Mental Healthcare Act, 2017.

  • This ensures every person shall have a right to access mental health care and treatment from mental health services run or funded by the appropriate government.
  • The act assures free treatment for such persons if they are homeless or belong to Below Poverty Line, even if they do not possess a BPL card.
  • Every person with mental illness shall have a right to live with dignity and there shall be no discrimination on any basis including gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, caste, social or political beliefs, class or disability.
  • A person with mental illness shall have the right to confidentiality in respect of his mental health, mental healthcare, treatment and physical healthcare.
  • A person who attempts suicide shall be presumed to be suffering from mental illness at that time and will not be punished under the Indian Penal Code.
  • The government shall have a duty to provide care, treatment and rehabilitation to a person, having severe stress and who attempted to commit suicide, to reduce the risk of recurrence of attempt to commit suicide.

The First Session of Parliament After General Elections


  • This being the first Session after General Elections, the President addressed both Houses of Parliament assembled together in terms of Article 87(1) of the Constitution,
  • The Union Budget for 2019- 20 was presented in this session


  • The most important business transacted during this Session is the abrogation of certain provisions from Article 370 and Presidential Orders thereunder.
  • This will ensure equal opportunities to all sections of society in Jammu & Kashmir particularly with the restoration of applicability of the provisions of the Constitution of India and all socio-economic legislations thereby ensuring rule of law and equity.
  • Further, for ensuring better administration and for curbing terrorism, the State of Jammu & Kashmir has been reorganized with the formation of two Union Territories – Jammu &Kashmir and Ladakh
  • Health Sector Reforms – During this Session, four Bills have been passed.
  • Particularly the National Medical Commission Bill, 2019 is a revolutionary reform in medical field which provides for constitution of a National Medical Commission for development and regulation of all aspects relating to medical education, medical profession and medical institutions and a Medical Advisory Council to advise and make recommendations to the Commission.
  • Social and Gender Justice – Certain Bills to further strengthen Social and Gender justice system in India were also passed during this Session.
  • Labour reform bill which will facilitate the ease of compliance of labour laws thereby widening the scope of minimum wages to all workers – a big step for equity promotion and setting up of more enterprises thus catalyzing the creation of employment opportunities.
  • Transport Reforms bill passed address the issues relating to road safety, citizen facilitation, automation and computerisation besides increasing the fines and penalties for violation of provisions of the Act and to make a provision for protection of good Samaritans.

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August 7th, 2019 PIB:-Download PDF Here

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