03 Jul 2022: PIB Summary for UPSC


1. Mahuli group of temples
2. INS Sahyadri and Kadmatt 
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1. Mahuli group of temples

Syllabus: GS I, Indian Heritage and Culture; Salient aspects of Architecture

Prelims: Mahuli group of temples


The National Monument Authority (NMA) to submit a report on the comprehensive development of Mahuli group of temples to the Ministry of Culture.

Mahuli group of temples:

  • This group of temples is also famously known as Dakshin Kashi and are found in Mahuli, Maharashtra.
  • It comprise of five temples belonging to 11th and 12th CE
  • The temples are built in Hemadpanthi style of architecture
    • This style of Architecture is associated with Hemadpant who was minister in YadavaEmpire.
  • Mahuli is situated at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Venna.  


2. INS Sahyadri and Kadmatt

Syllabus: GS III, Security; Various Security forces and agencies and their mandate.

Prelims: INS Sahyadri and Kadmatt


 As part of their deployment to South East Asia, INS Sahyadri and Kadmatt visited Singapore 

INS Sahyadri

  • INS Sahyadri is a “Shivalik-class Stealth Multi-role Frigate” built for the Indian Navy.
  • INS Sahyadri was indigenously built by Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai.
  • INS Sahyadri was commissioned into the Eastern Naval Command headquartered at Visakhapatnam in 2012.


INS Kadmatt 

  • INS Kadmatt is an “Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette built” for the Indian Navy.
  • INS Kadmatt was built by the Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers of Kolkata under Project 28.
  • It is named after the Kadmat Island of India’s Lakshadweep Islands 
  • It produces low levels of radiated underwater noise which reduces its chances of detection. 
  • INS Kadmatt is equipped with features such as anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes and rocket launchers, early warning, navigation and fire control radars along with underwater sensors and integrated communication and electronic warfare systems.
  • The ship was commissioned into the navy in 2016.

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