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18 October 2019: PIB Summary & Analysis

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October 18th, 2019 PIB:-Download PDF Here

Nuclear Energy Conclave


Union Minister inaugurated the 11th Nuclear Energy Conclave in New Delhi.

About the Nuclear Energy Conclave:

  • It is organised by the India Energy Forum.
  • The theme of this year’s conclave is “Economics of Nuclear Power-Innovation towards safer and cost-effective technologies”.
  • The conclave has evolved into a content-rich and one of the biggest events in India related to nuclear energy.
  • Industry leaders from India and abroad take part in the event.

About the India Energy Forum (IEF):

  • It is an independent, not-for-profit, research organization and represents the energy sector as a whole.
  • Its mission is the development of a sustainable and competitive energy sector, promoting a favourable regulatory framework, establishing standards for reliable and safety, ensuring an equitable deal for consumers, producers and the utilities, encouraging efficient and eco-friendly development and use of energy and developing new and better technologies to meet the growing energy needs of society.
  • All major energy sector players in India such as the NTPC, NHPC, Power Grid, and other private players are members of the Forum.
  • It works with companies and the government to achieve consensus on regulatory structures and policies and the role of public organizations.



Defence of Andaman and Nicobar Islands exercise 2019 (Danx-19) was conducted in October 2019.

About Danx – 19:

  • It is a large-scale joint service exercise carried out for a period of five days.
  • The Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force and the Coast Guard take part in it.
  • It is conducted by the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC).
  • In addition to internal forces from ANC, accretional forces from the mainland comprising ships and aircraft, Special Forces from the newly formed Armed Forces Special Operations Division (AFSOD), also participated in this edition.

About the Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC):

  • The ANC is the first and only tri-service theatre command of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • It is based in Port Blair.
  • It was created in 2001 to safeguard India’s strategic interests in Southeast Asia and the Strait of Malacca by increasing rapid deployment of military assets in the region.
  • It provides logistical and administrative support to naval ships which are sent on deployment to East Asia and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Its components include the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Coast Guard.
  • It is headed by an officer called the Commander-in-Chief of the ANC.
  • It patrols India’s Exclusive Economic Zone to suppress gun running, narcotics smuggling, piracy, and poaching, and conducts maritime surveillance, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR).

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October 18th, 2019 PIB:-Download PDF Here

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