Yashpal Committee Report

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In the year 2009, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) had set up a Committee on Higher Education known as Yashpal Committee. The chairman of the committee was Yash Pal, for examining reforms to be brought about in higher education in India. Yashpal was a globally renowned physicist, academic, and higher education reformer Professor.

In its report, the Yashpal Committee laid emphasis on the idea of a university and advocated a number of major structural changes.

Recommendations of Yashpal Committee Report:

Following are the important recommendations of the Yashpal Committee Report:

  • In the Final Report submitted by the committee to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), it was recommended that the deemed university status should be abandoned.
  • It was also recommended that all the deserving deemed universities should be either converted to full-fledged universities or would have to be scrapped.
  • The report also said that a GRE like test needs to be evolved for the purpose of university education.
  • The committee recommended that the bodies like the NCTE, AICTE, UGC and the other must be replaced by a Commission for Higher Education and Research (CHER) – a seven member body.
  • It was recommended that this new regulator must be free from political pressures.
  • The position of the chairperson of CHER was recommended to be parallel to that of the election commissioners. 
  • It was recommended that the universities must take up all the academic responsibilities, restricting the jurisdiction of the other regulators such as the Bar Council of India, the Medical Council of India etc to administrative matters alone. 
  • The report said that IITs and IIMs should be encouraged to diversify and expand their scope to work as full-fledged universities.

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