Reasoning Puzzle Questions with Answers

Reasoning puzzles based questions form an integral part of the reasoning ability section for Bank, SSC, Insurance, RRB and other major Government exams conducted in the country. 

A minimum of two puzzle based questions are asked in the examination and each of them is followed by a few subparts. So, if a candidate manages to solve even one puzzle correctly, he/she can secure at least 4-5 marks in the reasoning section. 

There are various other topics which are a part of the Reasoning Ability or General Intelligence section. Candidates can check the list of exams in which it is included along with the important topics at the logical reasoning page. 

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With the increased competition, the standard for competitive exams has also increased and complex questions on puzzles cover a major part of the reasoning section. 

Thus, to help candidates solve questions based on puzzles more efficiently, we have given more than 30 questions based on reasoning puzzles in this article along with their solutions. 

Apart from the puzzles, the seating arrangement based questions are also equally important. To get more seating arrangement questions along with their solutions, candidates can visit the linked article.

30+ Reasoning Puzzle Questions with Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

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Reasoning Puzzle Questions

The concept of reasoning puzzles is based entirely on logical analysis of the data given in the puzzle. Candidates only need to consider the information mentioned in the question and accordingly answer them. 

Candidates can now refer to the questions given below and solve these practice questions to become more accurate and efficient in the puzzle based questions for the reasoning section.

Directions (Q1 – Q5): Read the data given below carefully and answer the following questions:

Eight friends Vandana, Aparna, Devika, Arunima, Charu, Nandita, Sagarika and Fatima went shopping.

  • Each of them bought shoes from 8 different brands – Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Bata, Nike, Woodland, Lee Cooper and Fila but not necessarily in the same order
  • The colour of each pair of shoes was different – black, white, brown, pink, green, grey, blue and purple but not necessarily in the same order
  • Devika did not buy the purple colour shoes but shopped from Woodland
  • Vandana and Charu did not buy brown shoes
  • Vandana doesn’t like Puma
  • Fatima doesn’t like Fila but bought a pink pair of shoes
  • Aparna’s favourite colour is blue and she bought the shoes of her favourite colour
  • Nandita shopped at Bata
  • Arunima likes Adidas and bought her grey colour shoes from there
  • The one who shopped at Reebok has brown shoes and the one who bought Green shoes shopped at Puma
  • The one who likes Nike bought black shoes

Q 1. Which of the given sets is incorrect?

  1. Vandana – Nike – Black
  2. Devika – Woodland – White
  3. Nandita – Bata – Purple
  4. Charu – Bata – Green
  5. Arunima – Adidas – Grey

Q 2. Which brand shoes did Devika buy?

  1. Woodland
  2. Fila
  3. Nike
  4. Reebok
  5. Lee Cooper

Q 3. If Fatima bought shoes from Lee Cooper. What was the colour of the shoes she bought?

  1. Brown
  2. Pink
  3. Purple
  4. Black
  5. Grey

Q 4. Which of the below-given pairs of shoe brands and their colour is correct?

  1. Reebok – Black
  2. Puma – Green
  3. Nike – Pink
  4. Woodland – Green
  5. Lee Cooper – Blue

Q 5. Which colour shoes did Arunima buy?

  1. Black
  2. Purple
  3. White
  4. Blue
  5. Grey

Directions (Q6 – Q10): Based on the information given below, answer the following questions:

An Art and Culture exhibition is being organised in Pondicherry. 5 different states will represent their art in the exhibition during six days of a week, starting Monday and ending on Saturday. One of these days shall be a rest day.

  • The five participating states include – Andhra Pradesh, mango, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Gujarat
  • Only one state can put up their exhibition per day
  • The rest day is between the days when Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat exhibit their art
  • Punjab will put up their artwork right before Uttrakhand
  • There is a gap of 2 days between Gujarat and Punjab’s exhibition. Gujarat organised the exhibition before Punjab
  • mango does not organise the exhibition on Saturday

Q 6. Which is the rest day?

  1. Monday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Friday
  4. Saturday
  5. Tuesday

Q 7. When does mango put up their exhibition?

  1. Monday
  2. Saturday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Thursday

Q 8. The exhibition of which state is organised on Thursday?

  1. mango
  2. Gujarat
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Punjab
  5. None of the above

Q 9. Which of the following combinations is correct?

  1. Thursday – Uttarakhand
  2. Wednesday – Gujarat
  3. Friday – Rest Day
  4. Monday – mango
  5. Friday – mango

Q 10. Which state’s exhibition is organised on Saturday?

  1. Punjab
  2. Uttrakhand
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Gujarat
  5. Saturday is rest day

Directions (Q11 – Q15): Study the data given below carefully and answer the following questions:

Seven people live on separate floors of a 7-storey building, each of these people belongs to different states. 

  • Ashima, Akshat, Arpan, Ashmika, Aadya, Anant and Arima are the seven people living in the belong and belonging to Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, mango, Assam and Madhya Pradesh, not in the same order
  • Only three people live above the floor on which Ashima lives
  • Only one person lives between Ashima and the one who belongs to Assam
  • Anant lives immediately below the one belonging to Arunachal Pradesh
  • The one who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh lives on an even number floor
  • Only three people live between the one belonging to Punjab and Assam
  • Aadya lives immediately above Arpan and Aadya does not belong to Punjab
  • Only two people live between Akshat and the one belonging to mango and the one belonging to mango lives on one of the floors below Akshat
  • The one belonging to Uttar Pradesh does not live immediately above or below Akshat
  • Ashmika does not live immediately above or below Ashima and Arima does not belong to Haryana

Q 11. Who lives on the 2nd floor?

  1. Anant
  2. Ashima
  3. Ashmika
  4. Arima
  5. Aadya

Q 12. Which of the given combinations is incorrect?

  1. Arpan – 1st floor
  2. Akshat – 4th floor
  3. Ashmika – 7th floor
  4. Anant – 3rd floor
  5. Arima – 5th floor

Q 13. Which state does Arima belong to?

  1. Haryana
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Assam
  5. Uttar Pradesh

Q 14. Which of these belong to Haryana?

  1. Arima
  2. Akshat
  3. Arpan
  4. Anant
  5. Ashmika

Q 15. Which of the given combinations is incorrect?

  1. 5th floor – Arima – Madhya Pradesh
  2. 2nd floor – Aadya – Assam
  3. 4th floor – Ashima – Arunachal Pradesh
  4. 3rd floor – Anant – Punjab
  5. 7th floor – Ashmika – Haryana

Online Quiz 2023

Directions (Q16 – Q21): Based on the information given below, answer the following questions:

Ten friends, Ajay, Bhushan, Chaitanya, Dev, Eric, Feroz, Gyanendra, Harshit, Ishaan and Jitendra took part in a competition and they were all ranked between 1 to 10.

  • All the ten friends like different fruits viz. papaya, watermelon, guava, muskmelon, orange, apple, mango, banana, pineapple and cherry but not necessarily in the same order
  • The one who likes muskmelon stood 1st
  • Bhushan came at an even-numbered rank and likes cherries
  • There is a gap of five people between Bhushan and the one who likes apple
  • Feroz stood 10th and he does not like apple
  • Harshit is four positions behind Jitendra and Jitendra likes papaya
  • Sum of Harshit and Dev’s rank is equal to Gyandendra’s rank
  • Dev is not ranked 3rd and does not like apple
  • Ishaan is four ranks above Eric
  • Ajay likes guava and got an even-numbered rank
  • Chaitanya is three ranks above the one who likes banana
  • One who likes pineapple is ranked lower than the one who likes banana
  • One who likes cherries is five ranks higher than the one who likes mango
  • Ishaan does not like oranges

Q 16. Who among the following like guava?

  1. Ishaan
  2. Eric
  3. Harshit
  4. Ajay
  5. Bhushan

Q 17. Which of the given combinations is correct?

  1. Harshit – Mango
  2. Eric – Watermelon
  3. Ishaan – Muskmelon
  4. Ajay – Mango
  5. Feroz – Papaya

Q 18. Which fruit does Ishaan like?

  1. Pineapple
  2. Apple
  3. Orange
  4. Watermelon
  5. Guava

Q 19. Cherry is the favourite fruit of which of the following?

  1. Dev
  2. Bhushan
  3. Ishaan
  4. Eric
  5. Gyanendra

Q 20. What was the rank of Ishaan?

  1. 1st
  2. 5th
  3. 6th
  4. 9th
  5. 10th

Q 21. Who came at the 1st position?

  1. Dev
  2. Ishaan
  3. Gyanendra
  4. Jitendra
  5. Eric

Directions (Q22 – Q26): Study the data given below of 7 friends and their choice of mobile phones and based on it, answer the following questions:

  • Seven friends, namely Lakshmi, Minal, Neha, Oman, Pankaj, Falguni and Rashmi, use different brands of mobile phones, namely Intex, Oppo, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, One Plus and Moto, but not necessarily in the same order
  • Each phone cover is of a different colour, namely Red, Blue, White, Brown, Black, Grey and Yellow but not necessarily in the same order
  • The colour of Falguni’s phone is Red and she has neither a Nokia nor Apple phone. The Intex phone is of Blue colour
  • Lakshmi has an Oppo phone and the colour of her phone is neither Brown nor Black. The Moto phone is of Yellow colour
  • The colour of Minal’s phone is Grey. Minal does not have an Apple phone
  • Apple phone is not of black colour. Oman has Samsung phone
  • The colour of Rashmi’s phone is not Blue. Rashmi does not have an Apple phone. Pankaj does not have an Apple phone.

Q 22. Who among the following owns an Oppo mobile phone?

  1. Neha
  2. Lakshmi
  3. Minal
  4. Falguni
  5. Rashmi

Q 23. Which of the given combinations is correct?

  1. Pankaj – One Plus
  2. Oman – Moto
  3. Minal – Oppo
  4. Neha – Nokia
  5. Pankaj – Intex

Q 24. Which of the following people owns a red colour phone cover?

  1. Falguni
  2. Neha
  3. Minal
  4. Rashmi
  5. Oman

Q 25. If Oman owns a Samsung phone, what is the colour of its back cover?

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Red
  5. Black

Q 26. Which of these own a Nokia phone?

  1. Neha
  2. Oman
  3. Lakshmi
  4. Minal
  5. Falguni

Directions (Q27 – Q28): 

Six people Arundhati, Bajaj, Charu, Devesh, Elina and Fatima go for a vacation to Italy and they book 6 rooms in a hotel 

  • There are six rooms numbered 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106 (from left to right) and each person gets one room each
  • Arundhati is not in the room immediately to the left or immediately to the right of Bajaj
  • Charu is in a room immediately to the left of Devesh’s room
  • Fatima has not been allotted room number 106

Q 27. If Devesh is in room number 105, what is the room number of Charu?

  1. 101
  2. 102
  3. 103
  4. 104
  5. 106

Q 28. In which room number does Arundhati stay?

  1. 105
  2. 106
  3. 104
  4. None of the Above
  5. Cannot be Determined

Directions (Q29 – Q32): Study the information given below and answer the following questions:

Eight persons Adrika, Barkha, Charu, Dhara, Elina, Fatima, Garima and Harshita live in an eight floored building. The lowermost floor is numbered 1 and the topmost floor is numbered 8. Their heights are different i.e., 164cm, 167cm, 169cm, 172cm, 174cm, 177cm, 179cm and 182cm, but not necessarily in the same Order. 

  • The person who lives on the topmost floor and the lowermost floor, have the maximum height difference
  • Only one person lives between Dhara and the one who is the shortest. One person lives between Dhara and the one whose height is 179cm
  • Garima’s height is 177cm and she lives just above Elina.
  • One person lives between Elina and Adrika and Elina lives above Adrika. Not more than two persons are shorter than Elina and Elina’s height is not 167cm
  • One person lives between Fatima and the one whose height is 169cm
  • One person lives between Dhara and Charu. Charu’s height is not 179cm. Not more than two persons are taller than Barkha. Dhara is taller than Adrika but shorter than Harshita

Q 29. Which of the given combinations is incorrect?

  1. Elina – 169cm
  2. Charu – 164cm
  3. Adrika – 177cm
  4. Harshita – 174cm
  5. Barkha – 179cm

Q 30. What is Elina’s height?

  1. 167cm
  2. 182 cm
  3. 179 cm
  4. 169 cm
  5. 164 cm

Q 31. Who lives on the 3rd floor?

  1. Dhara
  2. Barkha
  3. Adrika
  4. Fatima
  5. Garima

Q 32. What is the height of the person living on the 7th floor?

  1. 169 cm
  2. 177 cm
  3. 182 cm
  4. 164 cm
  5. 167 cm

Candidates can check out some more questions on Reasoning Puzzles on the given video along with a detailed explanation of the solutions.

Check the solutions for all the questions given above in the PDF below:

30+ Reasoning Puzzle Questions with Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

The questions given above will help candidates understand the types of questions which may be asked in the final examination. Practising more and more will also enable candidates to solve questions within a smaller time duration.

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It is necessary that aspirants prepare themselves well enough for each section as for most Government exams, scoring the minimum qualifying marks in each section is compulsory.

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