Are biodiversity hotspots important?

Biodiversity hotspots are regions with high species richness and a high degree of endemism. According to Conservation International, a region must fulfil the following two criteria to qualify as a hotspot:

  • The region should have at least 1500 species of vascular plants
  • It must contain 30% (or less) of its original habitat, i.e. it must be threatened

These biodiversity hotspots are important for multiple reasons:

  1. It helps in maintaining a healthy ecosystem
  2. Since all living beings are dependent on each other protection of each plant and animal species is also of utmost importance
  3. An intact ecosystem is required to absorb excess carbon to keep the temperatures suitable for human life and to provide fresh air
  4. Biodiversity hotspots are home to thousands of species and each of them is important for the survival of all living beings

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